Data Feed Settings and Filters

In many cases, the idea is not to show the whole content, but only a segment matching specific criteria.


To address this use the Settings row available at the bottom of the Data Feed App selection screen.

  • Settings – Will define the sorting order and the range of the rows to be presented.
  • Filters – This makes it possible to create several rules so only matching content will be shown.

Sort By – Select what Column will be used for sorting the Data Feed.

Range – Enter here the beginning and ending Data Feed row that will be used by the App.


The range row sequence is based on the selected sorting option, not on the actual Data Feed row sequence.



Filters allow a granular search, so only matching rows will be presented by the app. Click on Filters to add as many filtering rules as needed. Once more than one filter is added, it is possible to select either:

  • Match All filters
  • Match Any Filter