How to create a Dynamic Composition


The Composition Feature lets you be your own app designer on the OnSign TV suite. The customization possibilities are near endless! Take a blank canvas and design away.

  1. Click on the New button on your Content page and select Composition.
  2. This will lead you to the Composition workspace. You can decide on landscape or portrait format, then choose a template or start a blank canvas.
  3. We start with a blank canvas.
  4. You can fill your canvas with text, colored shapes, images, videos, and even apps.

    1. For background, for example, choose a Rectangular shape from the Shapes tab or a piece of content from the Content tab, then drag and reshape it to fit on the canvas.

      When resizing images and videos, we recommend to drag them by the corner, not the sides, to keep the proportions.

    2. Both media and shapes have many properties you can customize, like size, colors, animations, shadows, and borders.

    3. You can add several layers of images and shapes over each other. To jump between layers, use the Layers tab.
  5. The Text tab allows you to insert free text, but also import content from specific Data Feed columns and rows.

    1. Select a text style to start. You can always change the font later.
    2. Customize the text font, alignment, style, color, background color, and size. Also add animations, shadows, or borders, if you like.
    3. You can type free text into the text box on the canvas or you can connect to a column of a Data Feed. For this, uncollapse the Data Feed menu and connect a Data Feed of your choosing.
    4. You can select which Column to choose from, which Row, and - if you decide to cycle through content - for how long each Row will be shown.
    5. By clicking on the little gear icon to the right of the Feed name, you can further narrow down the range, how it’s sorted, and add custom filters.
    6. You can add more text fields and connect them to different Data Feed Columns, but also different Data Feeds.
  6. Preview and Save your Composition
  7. Your Composition is now ready to be published.

This feature is supported by all player versions, including player versions pre 10. There are only some limitations for new Samsung SoCs while player support for Tizen 6.5 is in beta.

Watch how to set up the Composition in action: