Firmware Upgrade Samsung SSSP 2 and 3

Upgrading Manually with Regular Menu OSD

Upgrading from the regular menu OSD is very easy. Just make sure you have your firmware upgrade file on the USB and it is plugged into the LFD. Then you find the menu options from the following:

  • Menu - > Support -> Software Upgrade

After selecting Software upgrade follow the steps onscreen. After it detects the newer firmware upgrade on the USB, it will prompt you to confirm that you want to upgrade. Then it will begin the update process.

Make sure to not interrupt the LFD while it is performing the upgrade or you will risk corrupting the software on the LFD.

In order to upgrade the LFD’s using the regular menu OSD extract the downloaded firmware files to a USB directory such that there is a folder on the root dir of the USB that matches the name of the displays main micom firmware. Eg. “T-GFSLAKUC” or “T-GFSLDWWC”. The name identifies the type of firmware, so by matching up that name, you can find the correct files.


NOTE: Use only 1 upgrade firmware file on the USB at a time as a precaution of not providing the wrong files, especially for Sub1-3 Micoms