How to adjust OnSign TV App resolution on Windows

Setup OnSign TV Windows App resolution to fit your screen or occupy a portion of the desktop.

These instructions apply for OnSign TV Windows App 6.0.2 and above

When operating Windows media players to control video wall setups you can force OnSign TV App to be extended to a certain part of the displays. Adjust quickly by following the instructions below upon connecting downloading OnSign TV app:

  1. Open OnSign TV App on your media player.
  2. Right-click over the app, it doesn't matter whether you already entered the authentication code on your OnSign TV account and is already displaying campaigns, or whether you still have to conclude step.
  3. Hit "Settings".
  4. On the pop-up window, there are a few options. Check out description below:
    • Fullscreen: If you are making use of professional graphic boards, OnSign TV will automatically detect a virtual desktop that might include multiple monitors. Ohterwise, OnSign TV App will only be displayed on the primary display.
    • Full Extended Screen: OnSign TV App will request how many displays are connected to the media player and what their resoltuin is. Once provided this info the app will be extended through the displays. This should extend the app to all monitors without failure, provided there is no issed with the drivers.
    • Force Geometry: Setup exactly what portion of the display OnSign TV App should be placed. This is the safest option as it does not rely on the driver. Just make sure to test exactly the size of the display by hitting "Move". This can be done in older version of OnSign TV app by following the steps of this tutorial.
  5. Hit "Save".