How to create accounts

Manage several accounts for reselling.

Within your own brand-customized digital signage, you can create accounts for your clients and assign Player licenses as you wish. Set up your client's accounts as follows:

  1. Access your custom URL. For this tutorial, we are using the 123-Signage White Label account.
  2. Click on the “Orgs” tab. You will only see this option if you own a White Label account.
    1. enter custom website and hit accounts
  3. Hit “Add Organization” on the top-right corner.
    2. hit create account
  4. Fill out the client info into the blanks. Here, you need to set the amount of Players your client will receive. You can always edit this setting later on.

    4. fill info

    NOTE: In case you don't have any vacant Player available in your account, you need to adjust your subscription.

    You can also determine whether the client will be able to set their logo on their App as shown in the image below. The logo will only appear when there is no campaign playback.

    custom logo 123 signage

  5. Confirm with “Save Organization”.

The new user will be listed under "Orgs". You can check the client’s main account information, such as amount of Players and Campaigns, as well as last time he logged into your service.

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