How to pause on-demand campaign

In this tutorial, you will find more details about two methods which you can use for pausing on demand campaigns. This is especially useful when triggering unending playback, in which the campaign repeats in an infinite loop.

Note: For this tutorial, we consider you have already triggered the on-demand campaign previously.
If you don't know to do it yet, check out the tutorial on
"How to trigger on-demand campaigns".

  1. Select the player which you have triggered the on-demand campaign and go to "Campaigns in Player" page.
  2. Scroll down until "Triggered Campaigns" header.
  3. Now we will check out how you can stop the campaign playback of the on-demand campaign.
  • Stop playback immediately: Hit Stop playback button on Triggered Campaigns header.
  • Stop playback at a later time: In this case, you can save and share a URL with the person in charge of stopping playback.
  1. Click on arrow down beside Stop Campaign Playback

  1. Hit "Share URL".
    1. Copy URL provided in any device browser to stop playback. It does not require any authentication, so you can share with other people in charge of the signage.