How to set Windows to portrait mode

Adjust your screen to display portrait oriented campaigns properly!

OnSign TV offers portrait layouts and you can also draw your own custom layout when creating a campaign. However, if you don't adjust the display settings on your device to match portrait mode, your campaign will remain on landscape orientation. The result is disastrous:

portrait layout without display adjustment

Adjusting your display is anything but complicated! Configure your screen in less than a minute. Actually, you just need to press a few keys:

Method 1: Using commands

Note that this tutorial applies to Windows systems only.

To rotate the screen left:

windows shortcut display rotate left

To rotate the screen right:

windows shortcut display rotate right

The campaign will look like this:

rotate to left

If you want to turn the screen orientation back to normal, press these commands:

diminished arrow command normal

Method 2: Display settings

  1. Alternatively, you can right click on the desktop and select “Display Settings”.
    display settings
  2. In Orientation select “Portrait”.
    set portrait on display settings
  3. Confirm with “Apply Settings” to get the same result as shown above.