Multi-screen Synchronized Playback

OnSign TV allows you to define a master player to synchronize playback of content on multiple screens.


To ensure an efficient synchronization, all players must be connected to a wired highspeed network.

Supported on:

How to create a multi-screen synchronized playback:

  1. Create a Player Group.
  2. Select the option "Synchronized Playback" and enable it by checking the box.
    synchronized playback
  3. A new field appears and you can select a player to act as the "Lead Player".

The "Lead player" will trigger a loop restart on all other players forcing the loops to start in-sync.

  • The content published to the players can be identical. In this case, all players will be in perfect sync presenting the content.
  • The content in the player can be different. Each screen will show different content, but in-sync from the content loop start.