Unpublish Campaigns

You can unpublish Campaigns from your Player in case they are outdated or have no longer any use.

Unpublish from specific player

  1. In your OnSign TV account Content page, select the Campaign, right-click on the three dots and select the “Publish” option.
  2. Select from which Player(s) you wish to remove the Campaign in the section “Published to these Players”.
    select player
  3. As you select the Players, the "Unpublish" button will appear on the header. Click it.
    unpublish campaigns button
  4. Confirm with OK on the confirmation dialog window.
    unpublish campaigns confirmation
  5. Your Campaign is successfully removed from the selected Players.
    unpublish campaign 4

Unpublish from all players

If you wish to unpublish the campaign from all devices:

    1. Click on "Content" tab.
    2. Find the campaign you wish to unpublish.
    3. Right-click over the item.
    4. Select "Unpublish".
    5. Confirm the action. Note it cannot be undone.