Player Bandwidth Consumption

By default, the OnSign TV players are designed to always be connected, so whenever there is any content update, all connected players will immediately synchronize and download the updated content.


The player total bandwidth consumption varies based on five main factors:

  • Player Control channel - This is the data sent back and forth to the server, so the player can check for content updates and also report its basic status.
  • Player Statistics - This is the data sent to the server containing player resource usage such as CPU, memory, disk usage, among others, and campaign/media playback report.
  • Player Media Download  - This is a direct result of all media that needs to be downloaded to by the player.
  • Live Content - This category includes web pages, streaming content (like youtube)
  • Apps Dynamic Data- Apps will require the download of dynamic content to be presented on screens e.g.: weather info, currency info, etc.


To illustrate some practical examples, here are some scenarios with the average expected data consumption:


Case 1. A player configured to :

  • resent one campaign every 15 seconds (it doesn’t matter if it is the same campaign or different campaigns)
  • Content Interval configured for Realtime
  • Internet Data Saving Mode Disabled (this means the player will report every content playback)


This player will consume about 150Mb/month. 


Case 2. Having the scenario above but with campaigns presented every 10 seconds will increase the total bandwidth consumption.

Case 3. If you publish a media with 100Gb. 

  • The player will download 100Gb + some data for the control channel.