Players Data Saving Options

OnSign TV offers three options that can be configured on each player for reducing the bandwidth usage:


Option 1 - Download Schedule

This will define what time of the day the player is allowed to download new content. This feature is very helpful for not having the players competing for bandwidth at an office during the day. 


Download Scheule will also block the updates of:

  • RSS, MRSS, apps based on fetch_text.


Download Scheule will NOT block the updates of:

  • Calendar, Currency, Weather, Youtube, Website Link, Famous Quotes, Content Channels, Twitter, Upcoming Movies, Birthday Announcements


Option 2 - Content update Interval

The content update interval will define how often your player will check updates. By default, the player is set to "Realtime", meaning the player will immediately synchronize once there is a content update. 

The content update interval can be from Realtime all the way up to 48 hours. Checking for updates less often will reduce the amount of data consumed by your player.



  • Remote view is only available for players that are configured for Realtime
  • Players that are not configured for "Realtime" will be shown as offline. This happens as the players are truly not talking to the server in-between the set update interval. If you keep watching, it is possible to see the player connecting and synchronizing the content once the update interval is achieved.


Option 3 - Enable Internet Data Saving Mode

This is by far the most efficient method for reducing the amount of data transferred. Once enabled, the player will stop sending statistics and playback events to the server. As a side effect, no playback reports and no resource usage statistics will be available for this player.