Enable portrait screen on Android

Although most distributions of Android media players don't offer screen rotation right out of the box, it is in most cases possible to make your digital signage screen work in portrait mode by changing a specific configuration file.


The process is quick and easy, but please pay attention to these points:

  1. Not every Android firmware supports rotation.
  2. The process may be slightly different for your player CPU brand and firmware.
  3. In most cases you will need to edit a system file. Don't be scared as this is a simple text edit.
  4. As you will change Android system files, there is always a small chance things go wrong and you may need to reset your device.


Before you start, make sure:

  • You download and install the ES File Explorer File. You can get it in the Play Store or download the AP. here.
  • Your device is rooted so that the ES File Explorer File has the permission to change system files.


After having done that, let's change the screen rotation.

  1. Open the ES3 File Explorer.
  2. es3-logo

  3. Click on "Tools".
  4. 2016_06_30_17.02.04

  5. Slide down the menu and enable the option "Root Explorer" and click on it.
  6. 2016_06_30_17.02.15

  7. Set the /System partition to "RW" and press "OK".
  8. 2016_06_30_17.03.09

  9. Scroll back up the menu and click on "Local".
  10. Select "/Device" and from there the folder "system".
  11. 2016_06_30_17.04.18

  12. Click to open the file "build.prop".
  13. 2016_06_30_17.04.32

  14. Select "ES Note Editor".
  15. 2016_06_30_17.04.45

  16. Click on the "Pencil" on the top right to enable text editing.
  17. 2016_06_30_17.05.27

  18. Locate the item "rtk.screenforceOrientatio" and change its value from 0 to 1.
  19. 2016_06_30_17.06.05

  20. Right click once to close the keyboard on screen and right click once more to close the file.
  21. Confirm you want to save your changes by clicking "Yes".
  22. 2016_06_30_17.06.25

  23. Reboot your device. When opened again, all of your Android screens will load in Portrait mode.