Publish Campaigns to offline Players

Trouble connecting a Player to the internet? You can still publish OnSign TV content to it while offline.

This is useful especially if you have Players which are constantly disconnected. The only requirement is a USB stick. Note that this feature is only available to selected OnSign TV accounts.

  1. Create Campaigns and publish them to your offline Player normally. The Campaigns must be published to the Player through the website beforehand.
  2. Go to the “Players” tab, and then click on the “Offline Updates” tab.
  3. At “Download Offline Update Bundle”, type in the Players you want to update offline or hit “Add all Players” on the drop-down menu. Then, click on “Download Bundle”. Note that the file size is shown at the button as you select the players.
  4. The document “signage.bundle” will be downloaded to your computer. Drag it to a USB stick with enough space for the file.
  5. IMPORTANT: For Android 6+, you need to create a set of Folders and drag the signage bundle to it. The path should be: Android/data/tv.onsign.

  6. Connect the USB stick to the Player you want to update. The device will keep the playback loop, but a message will be displayed on screen notifying you the Campaigns from the bundle file are being uploaded.

    copying files

    If you insert the USB stick to a Player which you didn’t include in the bundle, nothing will happen. You will only receive an error message on screen.

  7. When all files are uploaded, you will read on the screen: “Offline update successful”.