Reorder Content in Players

The content you create will be shown on each of your Players in the order you publish them. Thus, a recently published piece of content is added to the end of the loop. However, you can reorder content any time by following the steps below:

  1. In your OnSign TV account, click on the “Players” tab on the left side.
  2. All Players will be listed. To the right you will see the number of Campaigns on the Player.

    As in the very beginning OnSign TV was very campaign-oriented, this is still a remnant from longer ago. This only counts Campaigns not Playlists or other content.

    Click on their thumbnail for a direct route to the Content in Player menu.

    direct route to Content in Player

  3. All of your content is listed on the loaded "Content in Player" page. Click on the “Reorder” button on the top-right of the “Primary Loop” header.

    primary loop order

    You can also reorder content in the “Fallback Loop”.
    fallback loop order

    Triggered content does not follow an order. This content rather obeys a predefined trigger, such as date and time, crossing an area or a play command from the OnSign TV website. Hence, they cannot be reordered.

  4. Now you can drag and drop and reorder content to the best displaying order.

    new order of content loop

  5. Once you like the order, confirm with “Save Order” on the header.