Running as a Screen Saver

One of the many use cases for digital signage is running the OnSign TV player as a screen saver.

The idea is simple yet can be extremely powerful in some specific scenarios:

  • Mobile Phone Store - You can have several Android phones and tablets, running OnSign TV as a Screen Saver, so each device becomes an ad screen. Whenever a user touches the device, it will immediately show the native android screen.
  • Vending machines and Payment Kiosks -  There are several kiosks that require running a native app for controlling a payment system or a vending machine dispenser. The idea is to run ads or any other type of content as a screen saver and whenever the user touches the screen, the OnSign TV player will close showing the native App that is running on the device.

Setting up OnSign TV as a Screen Saver

  1. Make sure you have the OnSign TV player installed on your device.
  2. Download and install the "Signage Dream APK". This is a custom Android Service developed by OnSign TV so OnSign TV can be listed as a Screen Saver. Since this is a "Service", not a regular app, no App icon will be added for this APK.
  3. Go to the Android Display settings > Screen Saver (this may be called daydream on older devices) and configure the "Signage Dream" as the screen saver

That is pretty much it!

Now just make sure you have your OnSign TV player paired and the other Screen Saver parameters correctly configured!