How to Use the Serial Port Write Data App

The newly launched Serial Port Write Data App connects your sensor controls with your content.


Before continuing, make sure you have player version 10.1.0 installed on the device.

  1. Configure the serial port on the Player's Settings page.

    Scroll down to Serial Port Settings (RS-232) and configure a Type from the dropdown menu and choose the Port address.

    OnSign Serial Port Settings RS-232

  2. When the board is plugged in, the apk detects the board address and informs the server. This happens every five minutes. To save you some time, plug the board in and restart the apk to speed up the process.

    This configures the board and allows OnSign TV to react to the sensors and send commands to it.

  3. To execute sensor commands like turn on / off LEDs, use the Serial Port Write Data App with your content.
  4. Go to your Content page and Create a New App.

    OnSign Create New App

  5. Choose the Serial Port Write Data App from the Automation and IoT category.

    OnSign Select Serial Port Write Data App

  6. Type in a name, the serial port alias, as entered in the serial port configuration dialog, and the text to be sent.

    In the example below, we use the rainbow effect as specified in the board manual.

    OnSign Configure Serial Port Write Data App

  7. Once this App is saved, you can use it in your Campaigns.

    When creating a Campaign, make sure to enable the "Automation Track". You then just publish the recently created App along with your other visual content.

    OnSign Insert Automation Track Into Campaign