Installing OnSign TV as a Screensaver on Windows

OnSign TV can be installed and executed as a Screensaver.

When running on screensaver mode, the OnSign player will exit once there is a screen touch, key pressed, or mouse move.

Step 1 - OnSign TV Installing

    1. Install OnSign TV for Windows
    2. Pair your screen
    3. Go to player setting and disable the option “Automatically start app when device is booting up.”

Step 2 - Screensaver Setup

    1. Go to the folder where OnSign TV is installed. The path is usually: "C:Users[usename]AppDataLocalOnSign TVOnSign TV Player.exe" —screensaver
. Replace [username] by the specific username on your computer path
    2. Locate the folder and right click on the "OnSign TV Screensaver.scr” file. Select install as shown below:

    1. After clicking install, configure the wait time as desired.


Running OnSign TV Screensaver mode from command line

You can also run OnSign TV on screen saver mode by adding the parameter --screensaver .

This will start OnSign TV in screensaver mode. Keep in mind OnSign TV will immediately end its execution once a keypress or mouse move is detected.