How to update your player software

OnSign TV’s development team is constantly working on improving your digital signage managing experience.

That’s why every now and then you get to see the following message on the Player’s tab:

player update available

Updating your players gives you access to enhanced services and new features added to the OnSign TV platform. Even if you don't see the notification, it's worth checking if there is a player update available if you have not set your player to update automatically.

Follow the steps below to update the player software for Windows, Android, and other devices.

  1. Click the "Players" tab on the left side of your OnSign TV account.
  2. Select all players which you want to update.
  3. As you select, buttons will appear on the header. Click the “Update Software”.

    update software button

  4. Confirm the action in the prompt.

    confirm update

  5. The dialog box will inform you that the player is being updated.
  6. When the update is ready, the message will vanish.

Why can't I update my Android player?

can't update player software

In some cases you won't be able to update your player:

  • SPM not installed or non-rooted Android device: If your Android device does not have the SPM (Signage Platform Module) installed or is not rooted, you have to update the software manually from the OnSign TV website.

    The Android operating system does not afford some privileges to regular applications. The SPM – given that your device is compatible – or rooting the device gives the OnSign TV App an admin status to, among other things, update the player remotely.

  • Play Store App: If you use the Play Store App, Google does not allow remote software update. You have to update it through the Play Store. You can also save time and set the Play Store to update the OnSign TV software automatically:
    • Access the Play Store on your device.
    • Search for the OnSign TV App.
    • On the top-right corner, click on the three dotted icon and check “Auto-update”.

    Note that automatic updates for the Play Store App are very delayed when compared to the Android system version. The Play Store App is convenient for testing the OnSign TV App quickly. For your full operation we recommend downloading the app directly from the website though.