Q1 2018 In Digital Signage: Here is the Verdict


The first quarter of 2018 is well over and after gathering all data, here is the current overview of the digital signage industry. Coming from there, the predictions regarding the remainder of the year are being made. That digital signage moved forward is hardly a surprise by now. There currently is no end in sight for this positive trend. Digital signage will move ahead in the future as well.

Take a look at what some of the detailed reports on the digital signage industry are saying. Specifically, what is it the leaders are focusing on the most, how will the growth of the industry proceed in the remainder of 2018 and onwards. These reports also feature a detailed look into various segments of the industry. Digging into the reports may provide you with a very clear image of the trajectory of the out-of-home advertising, which may or may not influence your own business decisions in the upcoming months.

Merkle releases digital marketing report

The marketing agency Merkle announced the release of the Q1 2018 Digital Marketing Report (DMR). The report goes in-depth on trends in social media, organic searches and other fields relevant to digital marketing. Furthermore, the primary goal is to provide insight into performance of major industry leaders. This helps to understand the flow of the digital marketing in the first quarter of 2018.

Included in the report, is the growth and development of Facebook, Instagram and Amazon. In addition, the two leading social media platforms are regarded in particular. With brands advertising on both Facebook and Instagram, it was clear that the investment kept growing on Instagram faster than on Facebook. The gap will most likely be smaller in the upcoming months, though, as influencer marketing has been facing increased scrutiny recently.

Obtaining a clearer view into the movements of digital marketing giants can be a great way to see which places are better suited to advertise in than others. This may well influence the way digital signage users build campaigns around social media. Learn more about the growth rates, ad spending, and how headlines fared in social media ads in Merkle’s Q1 2018 report.

What are IT leaders looking for in the first quarter of 2018

Chief Information Officers (CIO) is the highest rank in the company’s IT department. In this year's first quarter, they are directing their attention on data and corporate security. These fields have had continued failing measures in the past. The industry keeps growing and thus security is becoming particularly important.

The most important areas are infrastructure, operating systems/support software and custom software. The issues of the security of these components are self-evidently of high importance. Their failure can spell disaster for any business. Thus, a prime focus in the digital signage and digital marketing world overall is placed on them.

Additionally, as computer resources become more easily available, the challenges in data and corporate security grow larger. One of the suggestions for IT leaders to enhance security is to attend and participate in industry activities such as conferences, contribute to relevant reports, studies and to seek out talent which will bring innovation regarding combating security issues.

Metrics and transparency have never been more important.

In recent months, oOh!media and JCDecaux are only some of the major companies putting a strong focus on complete and standardized reporting across OOH media. One clear indicator of this focus is the injection of $10 million into building up industry metrics.

Seedooh has been the choice of many major companies for partnership. This independent technology platform provides standardized reporting for the OOH advertising industry. Launched in July 2017, this is a secure compliance-as-a-service platform specific to Out-of-Home advertising. It focuses on providing critical, real-time information for OOH companies which they can use to have a clear and concise measurement of the industry, ensuring calculated and accurate decisions.

“The digital expansion OOH has been rapid and significant and now sits at almost half the total industry’s media revenue, but measurement has not kept up,” JCDecaux Australia CEO, Steve O’Connor, says.

ISA quarterly economic report shows plenty of positives

The International Sign Association (ISA), devoted to improving the sign communication industry, has recently released their quarterly economic report. The report assesses supplier and end markets and also provides forecasts for commodities. Some of the highlights include:

  • 2018 holding solid ground for almost all industry segments.
  • Digital and electric signage will overrun static signage through 2019.
  • The printing industry looking positive well into 2019, a result of an extremely promising second half of 2018.

The report includes more details in these fields, ranging from the predictions of the digital signage market in 2019, to analyses of steel and aluminium tariffs and their impact on the flow of all industry segments.

In conclusion, 2018 and coming years hold a bright and strong future for digital signage. Based on the information we observed in Q1, the focus of the industry is shifting more towards security and data. The highlight is on the need for metrics and information. Most of all, the industry expands and grows, so do the challenges, and the focus on management measures will only continue to grow, as it should.