Places of Worship

Be of service to your community by being on!

Provide a large amount of information in a comfortable way to the faithful using digital signage. This is exactly what a house of worship needs.

Reach out to your community with ease by setting up digital screens to share directions, announcements, important events and everything that’s unique about your house of worship.

Spread the word. If members are looking for volunteering opportunities, digital signage can help them in their search. Informing more people will increase the response rate when it comes to similar activities.

Interact with the community more easily with a digital network. The power of digital signage draws attention of viewers and increases the chance they will respond. This is perfect to set members of the community in motion, for example by informing them about helping opportunities.

Help newcomers reach their destination with wayfinding. You can also inform them on the goals and missions of your establishment. Welcoming messages are also a possibility.

Update schedules and share messages faster and easier. Instead of an announcement board you can use a digital screen to update the most important information at record speed. It gives a nice touch to display welcoming and inspiring messages with members of the community.

Reduce updating costs by leaving the old manual announcement board in storage and replacing it with a digital one.

Raise earmarked funds by presenting the goals in detail to your community. Many places of worship dedicate a collect to a different cause each week. A broader awareness is only a simple update away with digital signage.

Here are other content options you can share with your community via digital signage:

  • Important and general announcements
  • Service schedules
  • Important events
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Special offers or sales
  • Directions
  • Hymn lyrics

Elevate the worshipping experience. Personalize messages for visitors, display information about leaders, promote fundraisers, display charities the congregation is involved in or communicate with hearing-impaired members.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of digital signage in your house of worship, we have an article for you here.