Android 8.3.1

  • Fallback to on external storage logo if logo saved on internal memory couldn't be found

Android 8.3.0

  • Add HDMI-IN for device Alfawise H96 Mini TV Box
  • Add support for attribute restrictions
  • Fix Javascript bridge implementation
Update to: Windows

Windows 6.0.3

  • Fix multi-monitor remote view
  • Intel Graphics video decoding improvements
  • Continuous DTV playback fixes
  • Fix infinite on-demand interruptions
  • Support Windows graphics scaling even if not set to 100%
Update to: Windows

Windows 6.0.2

  • Support pan & scan animation on images
  • Fix mouse not hiding issue
  • Support "ignore TLS errors" for html content
Update to: Windows

Windows 6.0.1

  • Support streaming audio
  • Fix media level logging