How to add YouTube videos to campaigns

YouTube is only one of the social network apps available at OnSign TV. This app is a great way of sharing video on your digital signage, without the need of uploading files to OnSign TV platform. It is even better if your company already has a YouTube channel full of content ready to be displayed.

  1. On your OnSign TV account, to set Apps, you can start by creating a campaign or editing an existing one. On the Campaign edition page you will find the “Add App” button close to the orange button to upload files. Also you can find it on the Content page.
  2. On the App Gallery (How to Add Apps), select “Social Networks” on the pop-up window displaying all OnSign TV apps. Afterwards, select “YouTube video” app.
  3. Fill the settings for the app:
  4. YouTube app settings
    • Give the app an name, so you will find it easily when creating a new campaign.
    • Insert the URL from the video. There are three display options: single video, playlist and channel. Make sure you copy the right URL for each category. Check the link format examples below the URL field.
    • Choose the video quality. Set “Auto” so it will vary according to your internet connection.
    • Also, you can enable subtitles, if they are available. Then you have to choose a language or set is as default.
  5. Click on “Preview” to check if you have inserted the correct URL and the video is playing and then hit “Save”.
campaign with youtube video