How to create layout with Finance Apps

This tutorial will make a quick walk through several OnSign TV finance Apps, so you can quickly get up to speed and present several finance data on your signage screens.

Stock Exchange Quote App

Let’s start with something as simple as “Black and White”. On this layout we use the Stock Exchange App to present Google Alphabet stocks (A) and the NASDAQ Composite Index(B).

The screen has been split in two and each App nicely adjusts to the vertical space.


Try placing Stock Exchange Quote fullscreen to give the deserved attention to your company’s stock! Customize the background for a fancier look. In this example, we display Microsoft Visiting Center building behind the company’s latest stock updates.

Currency Exchange App

If you are a financial institution, nothing better than using the screens to sell your brand and services (A). At the same time, we display a Stock Exchange Scroller (B) on the footer so your customers can keep an eye on the market.

Use the largest area to display the message you want to convey to the client or employee. Use Image Composer tool and customize the content according to the location so the message arrives to the target viewer:

  • Display welcoming messages in the company’s entry for visitors in addition with news feed for entertainment;
  • Promote employers engagement by displaying new products, sales figures, production statistics and customer feedback through social media apps at the production line;
  • Inform employers of the company’s upcoming events and recognize worker’s milestones at common areas;
  • Display the weekly menu along with health tips at the cafeteria;
  • Use your signage screen as a medium for delivering educational material at trainings in conference rooms or anywhere before and after working hours. You can display video tutorials or slideshows with guidelines.
DESIGN TIP: Don’t forget design’s #1 rule: keep it simple! The message should be short and visible. Avoid placing huge amounts of text in a single screen and opt instead for breaking the text into several screens with shorter duration (7-10 seconds depending on the amount of words). Use color and font to make the message more eye-catching.

Combining Stock Quotes, Currency Exchange and charts

No financial would be complete unless we add some charts to it! Two-thirds of the screen are filled with financial info displayed through Single Currency Exchange App (A), Stock Exchange Scroller (B) and Stock Exchange Quote (C).

On the footer, we used OnSign TV RSS Newsfeed app to present the latest business news. Investors need to know constantly what is driving the market, so display a cross-section of newspapers to make sure they are receiving unbiased information.

Almost every news website provides a RSS service to keep readers aware of each update. If you are out of RSS ideas, check out a brief list of some reliable feeds examples:

Combine Live TV with your own finance data

In this layout, we built a four screen zones layout to create a CNN-like look by grouping video content with live stock info.

Use OnSign TV HDMI-in app (A) to display video content from any source with an HDMI-in output. Mind that this app requires a compatible hardware. Alternatively, you can display content from the most relevant financial channels from YouTube or use a live streaming source.

Add stock info around the video so the viewers can keep track of the shares ups and downs through the day. On the left, IBM stocks are displayed through Stock Exchange App (B) over a custom image as its background. On the bottom, we present the NASDAQ Composite Index (D) using the same app. In between there is a Stock Exchange Scroller (C). As you notice, it fits in any place nicely!

SUGGESTION: If you want to make your campaign more dynamic, try alternating Stock Exchange Quote app with Single Currency Exchange app at the campaign timeline every few seconds.

Be creative!

The sample layout list could go on and on, as app and content combinations are countless! Remind that these are only suggestions and you should feel free to adapt the content for your company’s needs. Change screen layout, add other apps and play around with colours, backgrounds, animation, etc.

There is no limit once you get creative!