How to manage campaigns in playlists

Manage campaigns in playlists and simplify content publishing.

Playlist is a tool available at OnSign TV website so you can easily manage campaign playback order, keep control of total playback length and also publish lots of content to several playlists in a button-click. You can learn how to create playlists on this tutorial.

In case you want to go a step ahead on signage operation, check out some of the features available for managing campaigns in playlists:

Multiply campaign

Playlist works as following: you drag campaigns from the browser box on the left to compose your playlist loop on the right box. You will build the playback order with those campaigns, but it may happen that you want some campaigns to be displayed more often than others.
Instead of constantly dragging and dropping the same campaign to the loop, you can simply create several copies of it.

  1. Drag the campaign to the playlist loop.
  2. Place the mouse over the campaign thumbnail.
  3. Click on “Duplicate Item”.
  4. Indicate how many copies of the campaign you want to create.
  5. Hit “Duplicate”.

All copies will be placed on the end of the loop.

Delete campaigns

For deleting campaigns, you need to click on “Remove item” icon above the campaign thumbnail. It is possible, though, to delete all instances of the same campaign faster:

  1. Place the mouse over the desired campaign.
  2. Hit “Remove item”.
  3. Do it once again for the same campaign. If you delete a different campaign in between, this function won’t work.
  4. A dialog should pop up on the screen requesting if you would like to remove all copies from the item. Hit “Confirm”.
  5. The campaign is no longer displayed on loop.

Apply restrictions to all campaign's copies

Within playlist it is also possible to define time, place and tag restrictions to campaigns one by one. If you want to apply the same restriction to all campaign’s copies, do as following:

  1. Place the mouse over the campaign thumbnail.
  2. Click on “Edit Restriction” (clock icon).
  3. Click on “Add Restrictions” and fill the settings as desired, and at last click “Ok”.
  4. Hit “Apply to All X Copies”.

Use the same button when you want to add more restrictions or remove them for all copies.

Move campaign to…

Imagine you have a 100 campaign playlist. That requires to scroll-down a couple of times to reach its end! How do you do when you want to place the last campaign on the third position?

  1. Place the mouse over the campaign thumbnail.
  2. Hit “Move Item” icon.
  3. On the new window, you will be requested the Position in which you want to place this campaign. It also indicates which campaign is going to be moved one position further.

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