Our (really) Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I subscribe to OnSign TV?


The first step is creating an OnSign TV Trial Account. You can use the platform for 14 days free of charge and test it up in 5 devices. Create it here. After creating the trial, you can upgrade it any time in this page. Check out more instructions.

Q: What is a campaign?


A campaign is, in a few words, your digital advertisement, what you ultimately want to advertise to your audience. It is a collection of medias that you organize in a manner that best presents your product or service. Check out How to create a campaign.

Q: What is the timeline?


The timeline is the place where you can set up which assets will appear in each screen division of your campaign (video, images, apps and webpages) and for how long they will be displayed. Thus, is where your campaign duration and appearance is configured. Check out tutorial on How to … Read more

Q: What is a player?


A player is any device you display content. It can be a tablet, a professional signage screen or a consumer-grade display connected to a media player. Check out here recommended media player devices to convert any screen into a signage screen. You can purchase a player of your preference at Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, … Read more

Q: How to setup a player?


If you have already acquired the screen and media player for your signage, then you just need to do the following: Install OnSign TV app on your device. Download the app for your device operating system in this page. Open the app in your device and follow this steps to … Read more

Not what you were looking for? Send an email to support@onsign.tv or check these other questions...