Our (really) Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I subscribe to OnSign TV?


You can create a 14 day trial account by clicking on Sign In at the upper right corner of OnSign TV homepage. Click on Create an Account and provide your data. You can also login using your Google account by hitting the blue button right below. In this case, your OnSign TV account will be created automatically. The same action … Read more

Q: What is a campaign?


A campaign is, in a few words, your digital advertisement, what you ultimately want to advertise to your audience. It is a collection of medias that you organize in a manner that best presents your product or service. Learn how to create your first campaign here: You can also read our tutorial: … Read more

Q: What is the timeline?


The timeline is the place where you can set up which assets will appear in each screen division of your campaign (video, images, apps and webpages) and for how long they will be displayed. Thus, is where your campaign duration and appearance is configured.

Q: What is a player?


A player is any device you use to play an OnSign TV campaign. Let’s say you have installed OnSign TV player on your tablet. From that point on, your tablet is a player. So, in order to reproduce your digital sign campaign you only have to register your player (“How to setup a … Read more

Q: How to setup a player?


Firstly, go to our Download Software page and choose the right version depending on your operating system. Learn on our tutorials how to install Mac OSX, Windows and Android versions. Once you have installed the OnSign TV player in a computer or Android device, it will reach OnSign TV server to start … Read more

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