How can I upload files?

You have two options when uploading files to OnSign TV:

Through OnSign TV Website

After you've logged in, you can upload you photos and videos as following:

  • Click on "New" button on top left corner, then hit "Upload Files" on drop down menu.
  • Drag files from your desktop to Content page workspace.

Learn more on "Upload media files".

Through FTP

You can use a FTP client like Filezilla to connect to OnSign TV server. In order to use this program, you need to enable the service on the website beforehand and then download FileZilla. Learn how to install and use the software on "Using FTP client".

For more information see What is FTP and how can I use it on OnSign TV?.

Important: OnSign TV supports video MKVAVIMP4MPGMPEG), image (JPGJPEG,PNG,GIF), web (HTMLCSSJS), flash animations (SWF) and fonts (OTF or OTT). You can also upload several medias in supported file types compressing them in a ZIP file.