What are the different player status?

The player status informs about your device connectivity and content synchronization.

You can check this info on the Players tab, beside the player name and version:

player status view

Your player will always be within one of the following categories:

connected-sync Connected and synchronized: Your player is connected to the internet and has the latest updates you have made on the website. All campaigns you have published to the server were uploaded to the player, which are now playbacking.

conected-syncingConnected and syncing: In this situation, your player is uploading the changes you have just made to the player or campaigns. This will happen when you edit a campaign, publish it to the player or remove it from the player, or any other alteration on the server that affects the player. Depending on the campaign size and media used, it can take few seconds up to minutes to synchronize.

disconnected-unsyncDisconnected and synchronized: If your player is showing this status, it means although the device is not connected to the internet, no change has been done on OnSign TV server. The player is still up to date with the website.

disconnected-unsync rightDisconnected and unsynchronized: Here, you have changed something on the website that could not be uploaded to the player, as it is offline. Although the player is offline, the server detects this difference between player and website and shows it through the player status. Next time you connect the player to the internet, it will start synchronizing with the server. If your player is always out of internet coverage, you can use an USB stick and update it offline.

For players' status overview, go to Dashboard on the Player page (first tab on the left). Check the players’ connectivity and syncing on charts.

Player dashboard