How to setup default content (Default Player Group)

When connecting a new device to your account, it will be empty. You need to publish the first campaign or playlist, so as to reach the audience with relevant content. Depending on your signage setup, there may be content that is common for all devices. In this case, you can … Read more

How to change credit card

Click on your Username on the bottom left corner. Click on “Subscription”. Click on the “Adjust subscription” orange button on top right corner. Click on the “Visa logo” and hit “Continue to Payment”. Click on “Edit” button and edit the number, expiration date and other required info. Don’t forget to … Read more

How to delete user groups

Clean out permissions for all users of a group at once by deleting user groups. If you wish to quickly remove permissions from a group, you can simply delete the user group. Users in this group will then automatically lose all previously given permissions, as well as access to content … Read more

How to add permissions to groups

Give access to content and players to multiple restricted users in one click. If you as the OnSign TV admin created new content or players and wish to grant multiple restricted users access to it, simply add permission to a group. This works in the same way as giving permissions … Read more

How to create user groups

Give the same permissions to multiple users in bulk. If there is content or players to which several users should have permission to edit, publish or delete, bring all users into a group and allow them all to perform the same actions. This will save you a couple of minutes … Read more