Lift & Learn Setup – Nexmosphere
Advanced Content Management > Playlist > Players

To implement the lift-and-learn solution you will need: OnSign TV Windows player Nexmosphere Controller Nexmosphere Antenna Driver Nexmosphere Antenna One, or more compatible RFID tags 1 – Hardware Setup Before configuring the software, let’s make sure you have your hardware set. Connect the Antenna to an XR Receiver Connect the … Read more

How to estimate playlist duration
Advanced Content Management > Playlist

Obtain a precise estimative of playlist duration taking into account content restrictions. Deploying playlists is a great strategy to keep strict control of content playback on your signage network. On a single page you are able to have an overview of signage playback, and target content based on time, day … Read more

Como alternar videos de propaganda.
Advanced Content Management > Playlist

Adicione videos em suas Playlists e habilite a opção Alternar para ciclar o contéudo em loop de exibição. A maneira mais fácil de gerenciar suas propagandas e ter certeza que seu contéudo não vai se repetir é tendo multiplas playlists no seu dispositivo. Outra dica é agrupar o contéudo por … Read more

How to manage Campaigns in Playlists
Advanced Content Management > Playlist

Manage Campaigns in Playlists and simplify content publishing. Playlists are a tool available on the OnSign TV platform to easily manage Campaign playback orders, keep control of total playback length and also publish lots of content to several Playlists with few clicks of a button. You can learn how to … Read more

Create complex Playlists
Advanced Content Management > Playlist

In this tutorial, we are going to explore another usage of Playlist which, combined with Campaign Cycling, will make your digital signage even more dynamic. You already know the benefits of publishing Playlists instead of Campaigns separately to a Player and how to create them. You simply group Campaigns into … Read more