How to display Birthdays

Display month’s birthdays using one of the templates available at the app gallery. The name and date information source is a google spreadsheet, so any new spreadsheet input will be updated automatically on your signage. Below you can find more instructions on how to create the spreadsheet (A), then set … Read more

How to use the Wi-Fi App

If you offer complimentary Wi-Fi to your visitors and want to free your staff from needing to assist the typing process, you can display your Wi-Fi credentials together with a QR Code on screen. The OnSign TV Wi-Fi App does it for you. Go to your App Gallery in your … Read more

How to set up the Flight Status App

Provide onward travel info to your guests for their maximum convenience. With the “Flight Status” App, you can display the coming departures and latest arrivals of any airport in the world. Learn below how to set it up and mix it with your own content: On the OnSign TV platform, … Read more

Using Meeting Room Apps

Manage your company space better. With this App, you can display room availability and next events on schedule. This way no one is going to use the room when it is already booked. Avoid confusion about room occupation by displaying which meeting is scheduled in the room and what it … Read more

How to use Calendar App

Do you want people to be up to date on events such as meetings and birthdays? Use this application to display daily, weekly or monthly events. In your OnSign TV account, select the “Content” tab. Click on “New” and then “App”. From the pop-up window’s App selection, choose Meeting Room … Read more