How to change credit card
Setup > Account Settings > Billing

Click on your Username on the bottom left corner. Click on “Subscription”. Click on the “Adjust subscription” orange button on top right corner. Click on the “Visa logo” and hit “Continue to Payment”. Click on “Edit” button and edit the number, expiration date and other required info. Don’t forget to … Read more

How to upgrade trial account
Account Settings > Billing

Didn’t you subscribe to OnSign TV yet? Send an email to our team ( in case you have questions about pricing and plans. After the 14 days trial period, you won’t be able to access your OnSign TV account and modify campaigns, although the screens keep displaying them. Past another … Read more

How to download your invoice
Account Settings > Billing

Check out all your billing history on Subscription section. OnSign TV is charged automatically on a monthly or annually basis and each payment is saved in the billing history on the Subscription section. If you need a receipt, you can download an invoice file and print it through the platform. … Read more

Adjust number of player licenses
Account Settings > Billing

If your current OnSign TV subscription doesn’t meet your demands anymore, you can increase or decrease the number of player licenses through your account in a few steps. Check it out: Click on your username on OnSign TV account home page bottom-left corner, and then on “Subscription” at the drop-down … Read more