BrightSign Factory Reset
Setup > Other OS

A good practice is to factory reset your player before getting it deployed to the field. This will ensure you get a clean install. To factory reset BrightSign Player you should: Power off the player Remove the SD card and format it (FAT32) Put back the SD card with the … Read more

Installing OnSign TV using
Setup > Other OS

The is a free service provided by BrightSign for helping on the deployment and remote player management.   Using the in combination with OnSign TV you can: Install OnSign TV Player into BrightSign devices remotely Remotely update the BrightSign player firmware Get remote player screenshots. You can even … Read more

Brightsign WiFi Network Setup
Other OS

WiFi will only be available if you are using a supported BrightSign WiFi module.   More info at   If you have the WiFi module installed and chose this option, you’ll be asked for the network SSID and password.   Go to Start -> Network-> Setup WiFi In this … Read more

BrightSign (version 7+) – Install OnSign TV Player App
Setup > Other OS

To install OnSign TV App on BrightSign devices firmware 7.x or newer: Download the file: Copy the zip into the root of an SD card. Put the SD card into a BrightSign device and power it on.

Install Flash – Linux Player
Setup > Other OS

Step 1: Add Canonical Partners Repository Add this repository using the command: sudo add-apt-repository “deb $(lsb_release -sc) partner” Once the repository has been added, update apt index then proceed to install Adobe Flash Player on Ubuntu 18.04 sudo apt update sudo apt -y upgrade Step 2: Install Adobe Flash Plugin … Read more