How to install OnSign TV on LG webOS 4.0

Installing OnSign TV on your webOS screens is really simple and easy! This tutorial is compatible with the following LG webOS 4.0 professional displays: SH7E, UH5E, UM3E, SH7E, SM5E/KE, BH7E, BH5E, WP400, XE4F Check out this tutorial for more instruction on how to set it up for LG webOS 2.0, … Read more

How to set LG webOS 4.0 to portrait mode

If you deploy digital signage through LG webOS 4.0 screens, adjust the device settings in order to display the campaigns in portrait mode. Turn on your screen and follow the instructions below: LG webOS 3 devices are set to portrait during the OnSign TV App setup. Read more: How to … Read more

How to install OnSign TV on Tizen SSSP4, SSSP5 and SSSP6

This tutorial covers how to install OnSign TV on the Tizen – Samsung SMART Signage Platform: Models covered are: SSSP4 SSSP5 SSSP6 Note: In case you are looking for information about SSSP2 or SSSP3, please refer to this tutorial. Install: Click the “Menu” button on your remote control and then select … Read more

Update LG webOS 3.2 firmware

Download the newest firmware file. If you don’t know it or how to obtain it, contact our team through Create a folder named LG_MONITOR in the root of a USB stick (formatted as FAT32 or MS-DOS FAT) and move the downloaded file into this folder. Plug the USB stick … Read more

Panasonic – How to connect to WiFi

You need an internet connection to download the OnSign TV App to your displays, as well as publish the content from the platform onto the screen. Here you learn how to connect your device to the local WiFi network. Turn your Panasonic AF1 Series Android TV on. On the remote … Read more