3 Dangerous Business Problems Digital Signage Solves


Each and every business struggles from time to time, and the hallmark of a good and lasting business is persistence and vigor in pushing through those struggles.

Digital signage can do many things, and it truly delivers for being an advanced feat of technology. But while it can’t resolve every single problem a business might have, it still packs a punch. Today we study the “punching power” of digital signage as we take a look at the three most dangerous and common problems a business may have, all three of which can bring about its fall if left unresolved.

As these three problems do cover a lot of ground in terms of topics, there are quite a few links below at your disposal to provide you with additional detail on each topic. 

1. Weak employee communication

The way of doing business is changing. What used to be taken for granted now has to be treated as a priority. This is the case with employee communication, as it’s viewed as one of the key factors for business success. This goes way beyond setting up a shared email domain, or making sure everyone gets a memo or accurate calendar notifications. As the structure of a business evolves to a more complex level, so must the methods to ensure employee communication is as smooth as it can possibly be.

Emails, messaging tools, calendars or notification systems are used for this purpose. But even if you have this arsenal ready, digital signage can bring something else to the table. It's more engaging and impactful than any other tool because it's more physical than the rest. 

Displaying the right information at the right time can be of crucial importance. That’s the main flaw of emails: they typically aren’t immediately read. Apps like Slack are excellent for good communication flow, but with a sea of messages, it becomes challenging to distinguish an important one from the random business immediately. If used properly, digital displays ensure that any message shown on them will be perceived and valued instantaneously. Using this channel of communication in such a way can greatly boost employee communication in any business.

2. Low efficiency

This particular problem is the easiest one to occur which is why it’s so common. The efficiency of your business can suffer for many reasons. Although it’s not a miracle worker, digital signage can resolve some of them, especially those you didn’t even think about!

First, through the aforementioned benefit of smoother employee communication, digital signage ensures everyone in your business does what they’re supposed to. Communication is the key to success in any business (or any relationship, be it business or personal). As long as communication is at its peak, efficiency rises! Use your displays to convey what work needs to be done, as well as report the results of past tasks accomplished successfully.

Second, digital signage can aid with the one factor you can’t physically measure: motivation. Using this tool can help inform and motivate employees. No, you’re not supposed to rely on motivational quotes, but rather showcasing how big of an impact one individual can make. Presenting the success achieved raises self-worth and makes a person feel needed and part of the collective. While this factor is the hardest to measure, it can be most detrimental to the success of a business.

Here are some of the stepping stones digital signage goes through to enhance motivation of your employees: 

  • Bolstering team value 
  • Sleek and un-ostentatious communication 
  • Enhancing morale 
  • Adding a sly degree of entertainment to the mix 
  • Bringing a modern element to the business

3. Weak profit

We’ve talked about the people within the company, now let’s see how digital signage affects the defining factor of a successful venture.

Profitability is defined by many things: business efficiency, traffic, effectuated sales, employee motivation, business model, so on and so forth. Each of these, you guessed it, can be positively affected by a digital signage network. Here’s a quick overview of this truth, with more than a few links! Thus, digital signage can boost profit as a final result through:

Add to this the impact of digital signage on corporate culture, and you can see how its value will affect the final bottom line of the business

Each of these three problems, if they occur, are a hindrance to a thriving business, and if left unattended, can cause a lot of damage, eventually even leading to the demise of a business. 

Notice that each of them has the potential to provoke the other two into existence. If your employee communication is weak, employees won’t be engaged or motivated. From that, you will see efficiency fall, and if efficiency falls, the final profit suffers. There are other ways to resolve these problems, but no solution covers all in the way digital signage does!