OnSign TV Newsletter – February 2017

OnSign TV Newsletter - February 2017
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Next Monday morning, OnSign TV will be changing for the better!

Take a look now and get ready for exciting new features that are about to come:

  • Improved content organization - Now both Apps and Files are gathered in a single point called "Content". This means you can easily organize your configured Apps within folders, move them around, copy them and much more.
  • New timeline - Check out the way more powerful timeline editing page. Now layouts can be named and searched. You can create flexible duration timelines, meaning it will auto adjust to the media length you drag into it.
  • Mobile friendly OnSign TV portal - Now all portal is really mobile friendly so  you can create, edit and publish content on the go!
Looking for more?
Take a look at 
OnSign TV Tutorials!

New "Content" Menu

The "old" Files and App tabs on the top menu are going away for good, and we welcome the new "Content" menu option
Now Apps can be organized just like files and will be stored under the content menu. You can also take advantage of folders and easily duplicate configured Apps.
At start, all pre-configured Apps will be stored under the Apps folder, but feel free to move them around at your own convenience!


New App Configuration Screen

Try adding a new App and you will see the App configuration screen is also changed:
  • Now categories are on top, giving you more space to browse Apps
  • Use the new filter box to quickly find what you need. Try typing in RSS and immediately all RSS Apps will be listed.

All New Timeline

Without a doubt, this section is the one with more changes (all for good)!
New Layout Management
If you love creating several unique layouts to arrange your signage content, this new feature will come in handy! Now you can name layouts and search them.
You can also look for layouts based on orientation, resolution and number of screen divisions!
Improved and Mobile Friendly Timeline
  • Now you just need hover the mouse cursor over the screen zone icons on the left to check its resolution.
  • Click over the screen zone thumbnail to mute the audio for this track.
  • Select a timeline item to edit and you will see an arrow at each side. Use these arrows to edit previous, or next timeline item.
  • Now, besides setting campaign duration manually, you can also set the “Automatic duration”. The track will then be auto adjusted to the exact size of the contents you drag into it. 

All Medias and Apps in one place

Just like the new Content Menu, now Apps and Files are together under the folders presented below the timeline. 
  • Choose between list or icon visualization.
  • Click on the buttons on the header to create apps, composition and upload files.
  • Use the search box to look for specific items
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OnSign TV Newsletter – January 2017

OnSign TV Newsletter - January 2017
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Let's start by saying this is a MUST READ newsletter for all OnSign TV Android customers, but don't get worried. We have only good news to share!

  • Forget about installing the old OnSign TV System Version. Get to know the OnSign TV Signage Platform Module (SPM), a much easier way to enable advanced features on your device.
  • Now you can use Zidoo X8 and X9s media players to benefit from OnSign TV advanced features and diminish management costs!

Searching for OnSign TV advanced features?
Take a look at OnSign TV Tutorials!

Enable Advanced Features with SPM

As we have a growing number of Android Manufacturer partners, now we have created an additional app called OnSign TV Signage Platform Module (SPM). It should be installed right after the regular OnSign TV player app. This will enable OnSign TV advanced features, greatly improving reliability and reducing maintenance costs.

Enhance Signage Managment with Advanced Features:

Do I need to replace System App?

By now you should be wondering what should you do with the many, many players you have already deployed with the old "OnSign TV System". Again, don't worry as we will still keep them up-to-date. Read more here.

Important OnSign TV SPM Notes:

  • When downloading the OnSign TV SPM make sure you select the version matching your player specific brand.
  • In case your device is not compatible, you will get an error and OnSign TV SPM will not install.
  • OnSign TV SPM functionalities are only compatible with OnSign TV Player App 6.0 and above.

What if there isn’t a SPM for my Android Player?

Calm down! You can still take advantage of OnSign TV advanced features:
1. Install SPM for Other Android Devices
If your device is not compatible with this version, the installation won’t be concluded. Then you try the next step…
2. Root your device
This way you give OnSign TV App administrator access to the hardware. We recommend asking a developer’s assistance in order to do this process.

Zidoo Partnership

One of the most common question we get at OnSign TV is:
What Android player should I buy?

While the short answer is simple (“OnSign TV is compatible with all Android 4.1+ devices”), the actual answer may get tricky as there are indeed good and bad Android media players in the market.

To help answering this question, we are proud and happy to announce the OnSign TV - Zidoo partnership. Zidoo is an outstanding and innovative Android media player manufacturer that has been offering solid player with great specs.
We have been amazed by Zidoo adoption among android users within OnSign TV the past years. As an outcome, we have been actively working to fully integrate the recently launched Zidoo X8 and X9s to the platform. Both feature HDMI-in and can be easily found at Amazon and other online stores!
Take a look at the full press-release here.
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OnSign TV Newsletter – December 2016

OnSign TV Newsletter - December 2016
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With so much going on around the world everyone has been keeping an eye on stock markets and financial indexes. If that is your case, you should take advantage of the latest finance Apps and never miss a market opportunity again.
Check out new OnSign TV Finance Apps: 

  • Single Stock Exchange App
  • Multi-stock Exchange App
  • Stock Exchange Scroller
  • Currency Exchange Rate Scroller
We are always happy to see OnSign TV software being adopted literally everywhere: we have screens installed in more than 100 countries! To give an extra push to this multicultural community, two new languages are now supported by OnSign TV Platform: German and Russian!
Welcome! добро пожаловать! Willkommen!

Looking for more features?
Don't forget to take a look at OnSign TV Tutorials!

Stock Apps

Single Stock Exchange 

This app provides the key metrics for the selected stock or index. It is highly customizable as you can choose different fonts, colors and even select an image to its background. If you want to give it an extra push, enable background animation as you selected a background image! 
Learn how to use it.
You can use the Single Stock App in three different layouts: fullscreen, vertical or footer bar:

Multi-Stock Exchange App

Now that you have already covered the details for each specific stock, why not to present a whole portfolio at once? Select up to 5 stocks or indexes and track in full screen what is going up or down.

Scroller Apps

Scrollers are a great way to present a lot of info without surrendering much space! This is a winning formula used by all major news channels and now you can take advantage of this to present Currency Exchange Rates and Stock quotes.

Stock Exchange 

Combine several stocks and financial indexes for presenting the latest market deals into a single text scroller. 

Currency Exchange

Now you can display fresh currency exchange rate on a scrolling app in addition to the usual single exchange and 7 day exchange apps.

OnSign TV Blog

A Practical Guide for Creating Outstanding Digital Signage Finance Dashboards

Content is always the king, it doesn’t matter the sector! If you work in a Financial Institution, take advantage of the unlimited source of fresh content available through OnSign TV Finance App category. This article presents winner layouts and great insights for presenting financial data in your signage screens.Keep reading
Are you lacking creativity? So get inspired with some campaigns examples to create stunning financial dashboards: Check out tutorial!
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OnSign TV Newsletter – September 2016

OnSign TV Newsletter - September 2016
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Dear friend,

As Bill Gates once said, content is king!  
This month we are adding two new tools that will definitely help you create amazing content!

  • Live TV - Now OnSign TV offers a very special new feature, the option to inject any HDMI video source and present it within your signage! 
  • Image composer - Combining text and images to create Menu Boards or any screen layout is just a few clicks away. Now you have a full drag-and-drop image composer directly integrated to OnSign TV. 
  • URL App - Leveraging web content is is a powerful yet easy way to make your signage more appealing. From stock exchange to real-time transit info, learn how to display any web page within your signage.

Enjoy the reading and discover OnSign TV new features!

Looking for more features?
Don't forget to take a look at OnSign TV Tutorials!


Imagine a screen, placed at a sports bar, displaying the local game match side-by-side to the daily drink offer. Could you possible think of a better way to enhance in-store experience while promoting your product? And this is just an example!  With HDMI-in App you can connect any video source to your screen through an HDMI cable. Check out the list of compatible players featuring the HDMI-in port and learn here how to setup the OnSign TV HDMI-in App.

Image Composer

This feature is still in beta, but we are so proud of it we couldn’t keep it a secret any longer! Create unique content using the Image Composer and draw your customers attention directly to your message.  Create stunning banners by leveraging text, shapes, images and cliparts.
Perform all this without ever leaving your OnSign TV account. Your composition will be saved on the Files tab and can be directly dragged into any campaign or edited anytime. Unleash your creativity and create menu boards, ads, banners, tables, graphs and more!. Click HERE and take a look at a quick demo video.


This is probably one of the easiest, yet most powerful OnSign TV Apps you can take advantage of!
Display ANY WEBPAGE at your signage screens!

Learn more about URL App.
  1. Load the page you would like to present and copy the URL Address.
  2. Create the URL App and paste the target page address.
  3. Add the just created URL App into your campaigns and publish!

Take a look at some URL App use cases

If you want to take it a step further, enable "Touch Interaction" so users can navigate within the presented web content.

OnSign TV Blog

Live Television and Digital Signage 

Ever since the first screen was hung on a wall, there was the desire not merely to advertise, but also entertain. And how to do it better than displaying live TV? Aware of the not so-easy-nor-cheap solutions on the market, our team started working on our own solution, which was tested extensively in multiple devices. You can check our verdict in this post. read more
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OnSign TV Newsletter – August 2016

OnSign TV Newsletter - August 2016
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Dear frien,

Windows and Mac users have plenty to celebrate!

Many OnSign TV key features once only available to Android have now been added to the New Windows and Mac Player Version - download it here

We have more goodies to everyone:

  • We hope you enjoy the new and  improved  file browser;
  • We have just added an entirely new Facebook App now offering transitions and a layout that should fit any screen format;
  • Trigger "on demand campaigns" using QR-code

Enjoy the reading and discover OnSign TV new features!

Looking for more features?
Don't forget to take a look at OnSign TV Tutorials!

New Windows and Mac Player

Check out the new features below and understand why the new OnSign TV Windows and Mac Player deserved jumping to "Version 4".

Campaign cycling

Unleash the power of Playlists using a feature called  Campaign Cycling!
Campaign cycling enables to set how many campaigns will be displayed each time the playlist is selected for playback in the player loop. It is a wonderful way to create play loops so they don't get too repetitive.
Learn how to diversify your content!

Campaign On-Demand

Using a trigger to display campaigns in real time is as easy as publishing a regular campaign! All you need is to publish your campaign as "On Demand" and you will get a play icon on the player page that can trigger it. This can be used for sales or even emergency announcements.
Learn how to use On Demand Campaigns!

Scheduling campaign to be played at a Specific Time

In many screens we may want to present a specific content at a specific time. Let's say you want to say something like "It's noon Sharp. Time for lunch!". Well, you can easily do it with OnSign TV!
Learn how to schedule campaigns to be played at a specific time!

Windows scheduled shutdown

This is actually a Windows exclusive feature! Set the player working hours and the device will shutdown automatically as the day comes to an end. This is super handy as most TVs will also shut down as they have the energy saving mode. Don't forget you will need to turn it back on the next day!
Learn more about setting player working hours!


Enhanced file browser

Did you notice something different in the file page? The buttons and commands might be the same, but the design is different! Beside the new look, the file browser is much faster now!

Animated Facebook App

We have just added a new Facebook App, so you can enjoy a  brand new layout and several features:
  • Animated transition
  • Portrait, Landscape and footer format
  • Lower bar with FB logo and page address
  • Customizable background color
  • Post timestamp can be displayed underneath profile image
  • Show how many “likes” you got

Presenting on demand campaigns with QR-code

This is a simple and effective way to have your audience interacting with your products and content!
  1. Publish your on demand campaign.
  2. Add the QR code containing the link to your on demand campaign.
  3. Let users scan it and this will trigger your on demand campaign! It will also immediately redirect your customer's phone browser to the URL of your choice.
* You can also print a QR-code using the on-demand campaign URL . Attach it next to a product and each time somebody scans a campaign will be triggered on the screen.

OnSign TV Blog

Digital Signage Healthcare Infographic

Learn how to benefit from digital signage in the healthcare environment by reading this article, or if you are in a rush get the gist of it taking a look at this new infographic .
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