OnSign TV Newsletter – January 2017

OnSign TV Newsletter - January 2017

Let's start by saying this is a MUST READ newsletter for all OnSign TV Android customers, but don't get worried. We have only good news to share!

  • Forget about installing the old OnSign TV System Version. Get to know the OnSign TV Signage Platform Module (SPM), a much easier way to enable advanced features on your device.
  • Now you can use Zidoo X8 and X9s media players to benefit from OnSign TV advanced features and diminish management costs!

Searching for OnSign TV advanced features?
Take a look at OnSign TV Tutorials!

Enable Advanced Features with SPM

As we have a growing number of Android Manufacturer partners, now we have created an additional app called OnSign TV Signage Platform Module (SPM). It should be installed right after the regular OnSign TV player app. This will enable OnSign TV advanced features, greatly improving reliability and reducing maintenance costs.

Enhance Signage Managment with Advanced Features:

Do I need to replace System App?

By now you should be wondering what should you do with the many, many players you have already deployed with the old "OnSign TV System". Again, don't worry as we will still keep them up-to-date. Read more here.

Important OnSign TV SPM Notes:

  • When downloading the OnSign TV SPM make sure you select the version matching your player specific brand.
  • In case your device is not compatible, you will get an error and OnSign TV SPM will not install.
  • OnSign TV SPM functionalities are only compatible with OnSign TV Player App 6.0 and above.

What if there isn’t a SPM for my Android Player?

Calm down! You can still take advantage of OnSign TV advanced features:
1. Install SPM for Other Android Devices
If your device is not compatible with this version, the installation won’t be concluded. Then you try the next step…
2. Root your device
This way you give OnSign TV App administrator access to the hardware. We recommend asking a developer’s assistance in order to do this process.

Zidoo Partnership

One of the most common question we get at OnSign TV is:
What Android player should I buy?

While the short answer is simple (“OnSign TV is compatible with all Android 4.1+ devices”), the actual answer may get tricky as there are indeed good and bad Android media players in the market.

To help answering this question, we are proud and happy to announce the OnSign TV - Zidoo partnership. Zidoo is an outstanding and innovative Android media player manufacturer that has been offering solid player with great specs.
We have been amazed by Zidoo adoption among android users within OnSign TV the past years. As an outcome, we have been actively working to fully integrate the recently launched Zidoo X8 and X9s to the platform. Both feature HDMI-in and can be easily found at Amazon and other online stores!
Take a look at the full press-release here.
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