OnSign TV Newsletter – August 2018

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What is new:

  • Features - Upload and use custom fonts.
  • Player Option - OnSign TV now also runs on the latest Samsung Tizen Professional Monitors - SSSP5!
Read until the end to make the most out of your signage :) 

Support SSSP5

Our team has just launched the support for the new Tizen SSSP5 Professional Monitors! Learn how to install 
Technology moves fast and we never fall behind!
Following the announcement of the latest Samsung Tizen Platform, now you can install OnSign TV on the  5th generation of the  Samsung Smart Signage Professional Monitors (SSSP5). This is a great option if you are looking for an SoC embedded solution!

Just looking back, OnSign TV is also compatible with SSSP2, SSSP3 and SSSP4.
Get to know all OnSign TV supported hardware platforms.

Custom Fonts are here!

Attention, designers! Now you can stick to your company or client visual identity by uploading custom fonts to OnSign TV in only TWO steps!


Drag-and-drop your new font (TTF or OTF) to any content folder.


The new font will be immediately available on the font picker for all Apps!
Stay tuned! We have more great news every month!
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