OnSign TV Newsletter – December 2016

OnSign TV Newsletter - December 2016

With so much going on around the world everyone has been keeping an eye on stock markets and financial indexes. If that is your case, you should take advantage of the latest finance Apps and never miss a market opportunity again.
Check out new OnSign TV Finance Apps: 

  • Single Stock Exchange App
  • Multi-stock Exchange App
  • Stock Exchange Scroller
  • Currency Exchange Rate Scroller
We are always happy to see OnSign TV software being adopted literally everywhere: we have screens installed in more than 100 countries! To give an extra push to this multicultural community, two new languages are now supported by OnSign TV Platform: German and Russian!
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Stock Apps

Single Stock Exchange 

This app provides the key metrics for the selected stock or index. It is highly customizable as you can choose different fonts, colors and even select an image to its background. If you want to give it an extra push, enable background animation as you selected a background image! 
Learn how to use it.
You can use the Single Stock App in three different layouts: fullscreen, vertical or footer bar:

Multi-Stock Exchange App

Now that you have already covered the details for each specific stock, why not to present a whole portfolio at once? Select up to 5 stocks or indexes and track in full screen what is going up or down.

Scroller Apps

Scrollers are a great way to present a lot of info without surrendering much space! This is a winning formula used by all major news channels and now you can take advantage of this to present Currency Exchange Rates and Stock quotes.

Stock Exchange 

Combine several stocks and financial indexes for presenting the latest market deals into a single text scroller. 

Currency Exchange

Now you can display fresh currency exchange rate on a scrolling app in addition to the usual single exchange and 7 day exchange apps.

OnSign TV Blog

A Practical Guide for Creating Outstanding Digital Signage Finance Dashboards

Content is always the king, it doesn’t matter the sector! If you work in a Financial Institution, take advantage of the unlimited source of fresh content available through OnSign TV Finance App category. This article presents winner layouts and great insights for presenting financial data in your signage screens.Keep reading
Are you lacking creativity? So get inspired with some campaigns examples to create stunning financial dashboards: Check out tutorial!
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