OnSign TV Newsletter – February 2017

OnSign TV Newsletter - February 2017

Next Monday morning, OnSign TV will be changing for the better!

Take a look now and get ready for exciting new features that are about to come:

  • Improved content organization - Now both Apps and Files are gathered in a single point called "Content". This means you can easily organize your configured Apps within folders, move them around, copy them and much more.
  • New timeline - Check out the way more powerful timeline editing page. Now layouts can be named and searched. You can create flexible duration timelines, meaning it will auto adjust to the media length you drag into it.
  • Mobile friendly OnSign TV portal - Now all portal is really mobile friendly so  you can create, edit and publish content on the go!
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New "Content" Menu

The "old" Files and App tabs on the top menu are going away for good, and we welcome the new "Content" menu option
Now Apps can be organized just like files and will be stored under the content menu. You can also take advantage of folders and easily duplicate configured Apps.
At start, all pre-configured Apps will be stored under the Apps folder, but feel free to move them around at your own convenience!


New App Configuration Screen

Try adding a new App and you will see the App configuration screen is also changed:
  • Now categories are on top, giving you more space to browse Apps
  • Use the new filter box to quickly find what you need. Try typing in RSS and immediately all RSS Apps will be listed.

All New Timeline

Without a doubt, this section is the one with more changes (all for good)!
New Layout Management
If you love creating several unique layouts to arrange your signage content, this new feature will come in handy! Now you can name layouts and search them.
You can also look for layouts based on orientation, resolution and number of screen divisions!
Improved and Mobile Friendly Timeline
  • Now you just need hover the mouse cursor over the screen zone icons on the left to check its resolution.
  • Click over the screen zone thumbnail to mute the audio for this track.
  • Select a timeline item to edit and you will see an arrow at each side. Use these arrows to edit previous, or next timeline item.
  • Now, besides setting campaign duration manually, you can also set the “Automatic duration”. The track will then be auto adjusted to the exact size of the contents you drag into it. 

All Medias and Apps in one place

Just like the new Content Menu, now Apps and Files are together under the folders presented below the timeline. 
  • Choose between list or icon visualization.
  • Click on the buttons on the header to create apps, composition and upload files.
  • Use the search box to look for specific items
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