OnSign TV Newsletter – March 2017

OnSign TV Newsletter - March Edition

That’s right! This month we are adding THREE new apps! Take a look at it and amaze your audience! 

  • Quiz and Trivia: Are you looking for a way of entertaining your audience without putting much effort into content creation? This is the app you need! Display questions and answers from several categories and have fun!
  • Creative RSS: With an ultra-modern look, this App will give a new life to your RSS feeds. Featuring cool animations and other effects, the App adapts nicely to any screen area and offers several other customization options.
  • New Weather Forecast: This new App now offers several themes so you can make your screens look great even on the worst rainy days!

Enjoy it!

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Quiz and Trivia App

WARNING: "OnSign TV alerts that this app is not suited for offices, as your employees will get distracted more often than usual".

Joking apart, this app is super addicting! During its development and testing, we caught our team several times standing in front of the screen guessing the right answer. 
This App features hundreds of questions in 22 categories, ranging from general interest, like music, movies and arts, to more specific subjects such as geography, history, and mathematics! No matter how long your audience spends in the waiting room, the Quiz and Trivia App can make it feel much shorter. Learn how to set up your Quiz and Trivia App

RSS Creative App 

This App is a gust of freshness on your signage. It has a sophisticated layout featuring a background image with the title highlighted on an animated box. It is highly flexible adapting to any screen layout including portrait zones.
Read the complete tutorial on how to configure RSS apps and pick some great feed options from this blog article !

Weather Forecast

This new weather forecast features five different layout options! Preset the App as you are used to do with any Weather Forecast App and choose the design that best fits your screens.
Check out how to set the Weather Forecast App according to your region!


Great RSS feeds you shouldn't miss!

RSS Apps are not meant to only display news! Try augmenting your RSS feed with your favorite blogs in a simple fashion. If your target blog is powered by WordPress, like 70% of the internet, this will make your job even easier!
We have compiled a list of amazing blogs and RSS feeds categorized by different industries such as travel, finance, hospitality... Read the article here
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