OnSign TV Newsletter – May 2017

OnSign TV Newsletter - May Edition

As we value your freedom of choice, our team is constantly looking and testing new hardware options. This month we are happy to announce the OnSign TV ChromeOS Player!

There are also new platform features:

  • New Calendar App: Connect your screens to your calendar and show holidays' info, staff available at the office today, this week's events, next month activities and much more!
  • Improved playlist: OnSign TV playlist just got an extra boost! If you are not using playlists yet, this is your chance to learn about it! For sure this will make your content management much easier.
Enjoy the reading!

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Chrome OS Player

Now you can install OnSign TV to Chrome OS devices
ChromeOS has been designed by Google offering interesting and affordable hardware choices for powering your Digital Signage screens!

Why should I use Chrome? 

  • Ease of use. Chrome focus on web-apps avoiding the usual complexity seen on other operating systems.
  • Robust hardware: Build by reputable manufacturers like Asus, Acer, AOpen and HP, delivering good performance for the money!
  • Easy install: With several hardware choices, you can select from a tiny USB powered stick format, or a small box with a bundled mounting bracket making it easy to attach and hide the box on the back the screen.
  • Easy to buy: No matter if you are buying large or small quantities, ChromeOS hardware is easy to find on any major retailer.
See ChromeBox hardware options

Calendar App

Following the recent release of the Meeting Room App we are now launching a Calendar App. Use the Calendar app for displaying events, activities, holidays, birthdays, reminders, staff on duty... There are several use cases! Check out this blog post with many ideas on how to use the Calendar app!
Calendar App features:
  • Display daily, weekly or monthly events
  • Enable rotation to display events according to days or week. 
  • Present up to 16 events in one screen
  • Compatible with Google calendar, Outlook and any other calendar server that supports iCal format
  • Highly customizable, supporting animations, custom image and colors… 
  • Flexible app. Beautiful on fullscreen, but also adapts to portrait and bar formats.

Quick Tutorial

    1. Search for “Calendar” on App Library. 
    2. Add your calendar iCal URL to the app - tutorial Gmail and Outlook
     3. Adjust display and layout preferences. 
     4. Add the new App to your Campaign and get it published!

New Playlist Features

We have just enhanced and added several new features to Playlist management!
If you don't use playlists yet, don't miss this opportunity of learning about this life changing feature!

What is a playlist?

Very similar to your personal music playlist, this feature lets you gather, sort and organize several campaigns into a list. You can publish them anytime, all at once to one or multiple players.
Check out how to create playlists.

New features

  • Find campaigns through folders or use the search box
  • Highlight same category campaigns featured on the playlist
  • Apply playback restriction to multiple instances of the same campaign
  • Remove all campaign copies from playlist loop at once
  • Enable “Distribute by category” to sort out campaigns automatically
  • Shortcut to clone campaigns


Philips launches 10 inches Android Display

If you are looking for a tablet format, turn-key solution for your digital signage business, you’d better check out the new 10BDLl3051T. Featuring PoE and an integrated mounting bracket, it is a great solution for corporate environments and room booking management applications. Check out more specifications.

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