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Are you looking for an even better design? Or maybe optimizing your content schedule? It doesn't matter your goal, we bring important new features to address all needs: 

  • App - Two beautiful and exciting new weather forecast Apps
  • Playback duration - Get accurate playback duration for playlists and all content published to your players!
  • App restart - This is a new and easy way to restart the OnSign TV player app without actually rebooting the whole system. It is a handy trick to force the player to start fresh and check the content you have just published.

It is Hot in Here!

OnSign TV launched two new weather forecast layouts, so you have more options when setting up your displays:
The "Single Day Graph Weather" and "Multi Day Scrolling Weather" are:
  • Daily temperature chart forecast
  • Wind, rain, visibility and humidity
  • Portrait, landscape and footer format
  • Beautiful animated transitions

Get Playback Duration

Optimize player schedule by keeping strict control over playback duration. Get accurate duration for a single playlist or to all content published to your players!

Playlist duration

Campaign > Playlist
Playlists are great for whoever looks for simplicity and flexibility. It lets you easily add, remove content and set restrictions to each playlist item. Avoiding too much back and forth, all is done in a single place.
While the playlist is a powerful tool, things may get tricky once you build large and nested playlists, making it harder to determine the total playlist duration.
Now you have a dedicated button to easily get playlist duration!
Read full tutorial here

Get the duration for all campaigns in a player

Player > Select player > Playback loop
Likewise, you can get an estimate for the current playback loop duration within the player “Campaign Playback Loop” menu. Now it considers playlist duration when campaign cycling is enabled!
Important Note: Each time this page is loaded a different set of medias will be selected to represent playlists with cycling, this may also result in different total loop length.

Restarting the OnSign TV App

Although a new content published is downloaded almost instantly, the actual playback of the new medias will only start when the current campaign being presented is finished. This is a designed behavior to avoid content being interrupted on live screens as this would not be a good experience for your audience.
Still, there are times you may want to start the new published playback right-away. A simple way to do it, is by restart the OnSign TV App!

The Application Restart will quickly close and open the OnSign TV player without actually rebooting the whole operating system. This is a handy tool for those who want to force the playback of a new just synced content from start!

Just go:  Player > Select player > Settings (and click the button)
Stay tuned! We have more great news every month!
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