OnSign TV Newsletter – September 2019

Special Edition - Playlists
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Today's newsletter is focused on one of the most beloved tools of ad managers and integrators: the playlist. Arranging content sequences, setting playback restrictions and estimating playback duration: all of it can be done on a single page: Other topics:
  • New way to unpublish content from all players with a single click
  • New RSS Layout - RSS News Circle
  • Take a look at the new shortcuts we have added to help and speed up content creation!

Unpublish with a Single Click

Now, you can remove any published content with a single click!
Simply right click any campaign or playlist and click on "Unpublish"!

New Playlist Features

Default Playback Duration

Until recently, all images and apps added to a playlist loop used to have a pre-set duration of 10 seconds. 

Yep, that was the past. Now you can set a default duration for new image and apps while adding them to the playlist!
Aside from videos, all new items dragged to the timeline will last for as long as defined in "M. Duration". In case you leave it empty, OnSign TV keeps 10s as default. 
Better yet, you can preset a default duration and still change a specific playlist item duration whenever needed.

New criteria for playlist duration estimate

While building your playlist, you may want to check its duration. To do this, simply click on the blue button "Estimate Playlist Duration".

Since each playlist item can have unique playback restrictions, you can simulate the duration considering:
  • Playback Start Date and time
  • Location: Get estimate for when a device is within a certain region
  • Tags: Enter tags that will be taken into account for obtaining the playlist duration

NEW APP - RSS News Circle

Update your signage's look with a new RSS App.
The new app features two themes: round (below) and square


Create your playlist twice as fast by simply selecting multiple items from your content folder.
  1. Go to the content folder
  2. Select multiple items
  3. Right-click and click on "New Playlist"
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Transition & Animation effects
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Create beautiful and smooth transition effects and make your content look nothing less than primetime TV.
Transitions can be added to:
  • Campaigns – Applied to the entire campaign screen.
  • Timeline items – Applied only to the selected timeline item.
  • Playlist items -  Configured to fullscreen media and apps added to a playlist.
Learn how to setup transitions

Usability Enhancements

Stay tuned on several upcoming shortcuts and usability improvements to boost your productivity !

Content Preview

Right-click the item and hit Preview to watch any video, image or app within your content folders.

Opening Content on a New Browser Tab

Now you can edit and publish a campaign by opening it on a new browser tab. Just click on the little "square with an arrow icon" on the right-side of the selected menu. 

This can save you time avoiding a lot of back and forth on same window. Keep your eyes opened as we are adding this feature to many other menu itens too.
OnSign TV - info@onsign.tv - tel: +1 855-851-7070

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Infocomm 2019

Health Check and InfoComm 2019
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How much do you actually know about your signage network?

Just knowing your players are on-line is not enough to make sure everything is ok.

OnSign TV is taking monitoring to the next level:
  • Get to know about misconfigured players
  • Find and fix Apps that are not being displayed due to invalid settings
  • Find expired content and either fix or remove it from your players

InfoComm 2019


OnSign TV will be at InfoComm Orlando next week with a lot more to share!
Click the button below or reply to this email for scheduling a meeting with our Team!
Schedule a meeting at InfoComm!
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DSE 2019

OnSign TV - DSE 2019
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With many news to share, our team is excited and looking forward meeting you next week at DSE.

Get to know about OnSign TV latest features:
  • New Folder Structure
  • New Permission System
  • New local API for Interactive Triggers
  • Integration with NFC and other Sensors
Meet us at:
  • Qbic booth #2238
  • Sharp booth #1207
Schedule a meeting
Reply to this email and schedule a meeting!
We still have some free exhibit passes in case you need it!
OnSign TV - info@onsign.tv - tel: +1 855-851-7070

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OnSign TV Newsletter # 201903
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The OnSign TV team is extremely happy to soon deploy a major platform update which will dramatically improve your content organization, user management and streamline your operations.
With many major customers adopting OnSign TV, we have been working on both UI and structural improvements so you can be more effective managing your signage network.

On March 18th you are going to get the largest OnSign TV update ever!

The OnSign TV Platform update will cover three main topics:

  • New Unique Folder Structure Across All OnSign TV Assets

  • New Enhanced User Permission System

  • New User Interface

New Folder Structure

Although folders are not a new thing to OnSign TV, now you will be able to manage all supported elements, campaigns, playlists, images, videos, HTML, apps, compositions, and audio, within the same folder structure.
Old Folder Structure
  • Isolated campaign folder structure
  • Isolated content folder structure
  • No folder support for Playlists
New Folder Structure
Campaigns, Playlists and Content can be organized within the same file structure

New Permission System

The new folder structure goes beyond just moving things around. Inspired by Google Drive, Dropbox and other popular cloud storage solutions, now you can set user permissions to each folder. Better yet, the permissions are hierarchical, meaning they also affect all files and subfolders.

New User Interface

To support the new feature, we have also implemented a new sleek UI. 
Take a look at this video to learn more about our new features!
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