OnSign TV Newsletter – ISE 2018

ISE 2018 - OnSign TV Invitation
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OnSign TV Newsletter – October Edition

OnSign TV Newsletter - October Edition
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This month we are releasing two great new apps with useful time-sensitive info that will for sure add a lot of value to you and your audience.

  • Flight App: Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to take off! Provide latest arrivals and upcoming departures of any airport in the world!
  • Time to Destination: Do you often wonder how bad is the traffic at rush hours? Get up-to-date travel time to multiple landmarks with the new "Time to destination" App!
New platform features and NEW hardware options: 
  • Tag-Filtered Reports: Create reports filtering which campaigns should be tracked based on tags! Likewise, you can filter players by tags.
  • We are glad to announce that now OnSign TV is also compatible with BrightSign Media Players!
We hope you enjoy!
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New Features

Reports filtered by tags!

Reporting tools are a core feature when you are managing advertisement on a large signage network. For this reason, our team has been working hard to always improve and automate the reporting process.
Now you can add an extra layer of filtering on reports based on campaign and player tags.

This feature gives you extra flexibility, as you don't have to remember, or restrict reporting to a given set of players or campaigns. Just to illustrate, you can create a tag called "Coca-Cola" and add this filter to your reports, so all past and future campaigns with this tag will be listed on your reports.
Learn How to Filter Reports by Tags
Not using Tags yet?
Tags are a powerful way to search and filter your players and campaigns. Take a look on some of the advantages of using tags: 
  • Quickly browse through campaigns: You may not remember a campaign name by heart, but if you use tags it will be easier to find it by narrowing down your search. Read tutorial
  • Smarter monitoring. You can also filter the number of devices monitored on player dashboard map using tags! Read tutorial
  • Restrict campaign playback based on tags: When you are publishing a new campaign, you can also restrict or limit playback to players that contain certain tags. Read tutorial

BrightSign Players

With more than a 1,000,000 players sold, BrightSign is well known player, recognized for  its reliability and endurance. 
Now BrightSign is also a great option for running OnSign TV too!
You can install OnSign TV on BrightSign 
LS3, XD3, XT3 and OPS series

New Apps

Flight App

Take your time and track your flight while having breakfast at your hotel, or having lunch in at the restaurant nearby the airport.
This app delivers up-to-date flight info to pretty much any airport in the world!

Display latest arrivals and upcoming departures of any airport in the world.
Setup the app for the closest airport!

Time to Destination App 

Whenever there is people on the move, there is a concern about how much time one will spend to get there. This is particularly true when it comes to large cities with heavy traffic. 
Keep viewers informed with estimate travel time to key city points. 
  • Provide travel time to up to four destinations;
  • Setup any address, name it as you wish; 
  • Estimates can be provided for traveling by car, bike and/or public transportation!
Check out tutorial!


Keep Track of Signage Return on Investment (ROI)

Digital signage causes many impressions on viewers, but how one can keep track of interactions and get to know how beneficial signage is for business? In this article we will give some guidelines on how to calculate ROI, making sure you get all the relevant data regarding investments. On the other side, not only financial gains count when it comes to signage, but there are other goals that can be achieved. Read complete article.

This Month News: Signage Role After-Disaster

Get to known how digital out of home has been used past hurricanes Harvey and Irma hit Texas and Florida last month. Signage is often mentioned as a useful tool on emergency cases, but fortunately, rare are the cases in which we can use them for this purposes. Read complete article.
Virgin Trains combine traffic and distance data to highlight which transport option is more efficient during peak travel times. 
Read more.
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OnSign TV Newsletter – August 2017

OnSign TV Newsletter - August Edition
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For short, this month OnSign TV team has prepared several new and exciting features to make content management and monitoring easier:

  • Files to playlist: Here is what you all have been asking for to make playlists even better! Now you can add images, videos and apps directly to the playlist loop without creating campaigns!
  • Schedule reports: Configure recurring reports and get them automatically sent to one or multiple emails.
  • Mute player: Now you can completely mute the device and make sure no sound is heard!
New Apps!
  • Movie App: Are you into movies? This App will make keep you up to date with each and every upcoming movie release! 
  • Enhanced Instagram App: We updated the Instagram App so now you can easily display other Instagram accounts with no extra settings!
We hope you enjoy!
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New Features

Add files to Playlist

This is a long time requested feature that is going to save you precious time. 
Now every time you want to add an image, video, or even App to your screen all you need is to simply drag it to an existing playlist!
What are the advantages?
  • No need to create campaign. Although campaign creation is super easy, repeatedly doing it for simple content might be bothersome on a large network. So just drag any media, or App into a playlist and they will be presented in full screen alongside your existing campaigns!
  • No need to publish it again. Once you add a new item to a pre-published playlist and save it, the updates are automatically propagated to the players!
Check out tutorial
Schedule reports
This is another super feature that all users will certainly benefit from!

Define in which frequency a report should be generated and literally forget about it! OnSign TV will notify you by email every time a new report is ready. Learn how to schedule reports! 

Mute devices

Audio can be smartly used on signage display, yet there are cases that silence communicate better. Mute your device and make sure no audio will be heard, no matter how you have configured the campaigns.
You can also mute a group of devices or even your entire network.
Consider this option if you use any of the following options:
  • Display signage on high traffic areas
  • Your screens are installed at an environment that should never have any audio like, e.g. a hospital.
  • You lost track of what media has audio, or not.
Check out tutorial

Composer enhanced text editing 

Start using the Composer and check out the new text box resize feature.

New Apps

Movies App

Another great App for the Entertainment Category! Display just released and upcoming movies.
App Internationalization support
The movie app has a new tab called "Languages". There you can change the labels use by the app to pretty much any language!

Instagram App Just Got Better

Now you can easily share any Instagram Account !
Simply indicate the target user account without the @ and share these stunning photos on your displays! :)   Check out complete tutorial


Choose the perfect location for your signage!

If you consider any crowded area a good location for signage, you should really think twice! There are many other factors that may influence your signage location and make your campaign succeed or fail. Read complete article.

August News: Signage Results for Q2 2017

The first half of 2017 is already behind, we are getting to know the results of digital signage industry! There is no news when it comes to signage success, but you cannot believe the numbers! Depending on the country, it surpasses the two digits. Read complete article.
Toys R Us deploys signage interactive screens and point-of-sales kiosk to elevate shopping experience. Read more.
Outdoor Plus has signed the most prestigious double-sided screens in London: The Hammersmith Towers. Get to know this top signage site.
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OnSign TV Newsletter – July 2017

OnSign TV Newsletter - July Edition
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Get to know the latest apps, platform improvements and new hardware options just added to OnSign TV!

  • Soccer Standing Tables - Now you have no excuse not to track your favorite soccer team! This app features 9 different soccer leagues.
  • Soccer Scores -  Get the weekly scores for every soccer match!
  • Famous Quotes - Featured along three different Apps, now you can add to your screens the most ingenuous quotes by worldwide celebrities, artists, thinkers and politicians.
Looking for new hardware options?
OnSign TV now also supports:
  •  LG webOS 3.0
  • Panasonic AF1
At last, we have added a new feature so you can pause campaign playback either on a single player or player group!
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Professional Signage Displays

For those who value convenience, a professional signage display is for sure a great option! Featuring an integrated player, these screens are a turn-key solution ready to hang in any wall. Take a look at the new OnSign TV supported devices.

LG webOS 3.0

Now you can also run OnSign TV on all LG webOS 3.0 Signage Displays!
Among other advantages, the latest webOS signage platform is now powered by 64-bit CPU cores and features a new Web engine based on Blink, part of Chromium project, meaning you will get a much better HTML5 support!

List of the compatible webOS 3.0 models:
  • LG SM5C, or SM5KC - 32, 43, 49, 55, 65 inches
  • LG SM3C - 43,49, 55 inches
Learn how to install OnSign TV into LG webOS!

Panasonic AF1 Support

OnSign TV has partnered with Panasonic so you have yet another hardware option! Now you can install and run OnSign TV on Panasonic AF1 professional displays.  Available in 42, 49 and 55 inches, the AF1 series is built to endure the requirements of 24/7 operation!
Install OnSign TV into Panasonic AF1!

New Features

Campaign Pause
Even though publishing and unpublishing is quite easy, now you can pause a campaign on a specific player, or group of players!

Pausing a campaign is convenient and avoids having to redownload the content to your players in case they will shortly be needed again.
Learn how to pause campaigns in a specific player or player group, or in the entire signage network.

New Apps

Famous Quotes

Whether you want to get inspired, laugh or feel touched, we got a quote for you! 

With three unique designs, these apps are incredibly powerful! Remind the most memorable quotes from celebrities and also discover the interesting thoughts of picturesque personalities. Ideal for whenever you have to stand in line or wait for an appointment.
  • More than 1,000 quotes
  • Seven category available
  • Featured author image
  • Elegant, eye-catching animated design

Soccer Apps

Soccer lovers have now two new apps for tracking their favorite teams!
  • Soccer Standing Tables - Get to know who is leading the rank of nine different worldwide soccer leagues! 
  • Soccer scores - Don't miss a single match. The soccer Scores App will present the scores for all the games of the week!
The soccer apps offer several customization options, such as background, color, font and animations.
Just select one of the available leagues and have fun!
  • England
  • Spain
  • Brazil
  • Italy
  • France
  • Germany


4 Small Business Digital Signage Strategies For Success

Digital signage presents many opportunities to keep a business thriving, specially when it comes to small business. However, it is not an insignificant investment nor a self-sustained tool that brings result on its own. Make the most of your signage displays and connect with your customers by applying this four strategies. Read complete article.

Digital Signage News

From now on, OnSign TV will compile each month the latest industry news so you can keep track of what really matters on a single page! Check out this month the world’s thinnest hospitality display and the industry status for the first half of 2017! Read complete article

Video belowLG Electronics USA Business Solutions revealed the LG OLED "Wallpaper" Hotel TV, labeled the world's thinnest hotel TV about 3.86mm thick... ehm thin (0.15 inches). 
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OnSign TV Newsletter – June 2017

OnSign TV Newsletter - June Edition
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Your digital signage network just gets better every month! Get to know the latest features OnSign TV team has just released!

  • New Player Dashboard: Get to know everything that is happening with your players using the new dashboard! Track errors, software updates, connectivity issues and more!
  • Track Content: Do you want to clean up your files, but you fear messing up your signage? Not anymore! Check out exactly where each asset is being used.
New apps: 
  • YouTube videos subtitle: Now you can enable YouTube video subtitles for languages worldwide!
  • Flexitive: OnSign TV has partnered with Flexitive, an amazing cloud tool for creating interactive and animated HTML 5 content. 

Looking for more features?
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New Player Dashboard

OnSign TV team is always developing new tools to improve service monitoring and reliability. This month we are introducing a powerful way for tracking all your players in one spot. Take a look at the new dashboard located on the the first tab inside the player's menu.
The dashboard is designed so you can easily filter players, see them in a map and quickly figure out if anything is wrong with your screens.


  • Pie charts visualization so you can see in real time:
    • Online vs Offline players
    • Number of players in sync vs out of sync
    • OnSign TV Player versions installed on your devices
  • Consolidated players errors and warnings
  • Player location and status in a map
  • List of players with most errors and warning
Learn more about the new dashboard

Track Apps and Files

Are you getting lost with so many files and Apps?
Now you have a simple way to track where each file is being used!

Quick tutorial:

  1. Go to Content tab.
  2. Select a media or app.
  3. Click on “Show Usage” on the side panel.
  4. View all instances where the media is displayed. 
Better yet: all info listed is clickable, so you can easily jump into any presented campaign, playlist, or specific player. Check out detailed tutorial. 

New Apps


Have you been wondering how to add animation effects into your campaigns? Your search is over!

Flexitive is a powerful HTML5 editor that requires no programing skills. 
Learn how to use Flexitive App

Take a look at other Flexitive creative samples:

Enable YouTube Subtitles
Subtitles are handy when
screens are on mute, or, while presenting foreign language videos.

Enable subtitles on your signage screens!
Just pick a language when setting up YouTube App.

Important note:
  • In case your target language subtitle is not available on the video, the language set as default by the video publisher will be displayed.

Brand New Blog!

More than ever we are full steam sharing all we can through OnSign TV blog. Take a look at:

Share your success story!

Every other month we pick an OnSign TV user story to be featured and shared within our community.
Let us know if you would like to
share your story too and we will get you a special treat!

6 Reasons Video Walls Are A Smart Investment

Delivering impactful content to the audience is merely one reason why you should be considering to build a video wall! Check out innovative ways companies have been deploying this structure and get ideas for your own project. Read complete article
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