OnSign TV Newsletter – May 2017

OnSign TV Newsletter - May Edition

As we value your freedom of choice, our team is constantly looking and testing new hardware options. This month we are happy to announce the OnSign TV ChromeOS Player!

There are also new platform features:

  • New Calendar App: Connect your screens to your calendar and show holidays' info, staff available at the office today, this week's events, next month activities and much more!
  • Improved playlist: OnSign TV playlist just got an extra boost! If you are not using playlists yet, this is your chance to learn about it! For sure this will make your content management much easier.
Enjoy the reading!

Looking for more features?
Take a look at 
OnSign TV Tutorials!

Chrome OS Player

Now you can install OnSign TV to Chrome OS devices
ChromeOS has been designed by Google offering interesting and affordable hardware choices for powering your Digital Signage screens!

Why should I use Chrome? 

  • Ease of use. Chrome focus on web-apps avoiding the usual complexity seen on other operating systems.
  • Robust hardware: Build by reputable manufacturers like Asus, Acer, AOpen and HP, delivering good performance for the money!
  • Easy install: With several hardware choices, you can select from a tiny USB powered stick format, or a small box with a bundled mounting bracket making it easy to attach and hide the box on the back the screen.
  • Easy to buy: No matter if you are buying large or small quantities, ChromeOS hardware is easy to find on any major retailer.
See ChromeBox hardware options

Calendar App

Following the recent release of the Meeting Room App we are now launching a Calendar App. Use the Calendar app for displaying events, activities, holidays, birthdays, reminders, staff on duty... There are several use cases! Check out this blog post with many ideas on how to use the Calendar app!
Calendar App features:
  • Display daily, weekly or monthly events
  • Enable rotation to display events according to days or week. 
  • Present up to 16 events in one screen
  • Compatible with Google calendar, Outlook and any other calendar server that supports iCal format
  • Highly customizable, supporting animations, custom image and colors… 
  • Flexible app. Beautiful on fullscreen, but also adapts to portrait and bar formats.

Quick Tutorial

    1. Search for “Calendar” on App Library. 
    2. Add your calendar iCal URL to the app - tutorial Gmail and Outlook
     3. Adjust display and layout preferences. 
     4. Add the new App to your Campaign and get it published!

New Playlist Features

We have just enhanced and added several new features to Playlist management!
If you don't use playlists yet, don't miss this opportunity of learning about this life changing feature!

What is a playlist?

Very similar to your personal music playlist, this feature lets you gather, sort and organize several campaigns into a list. You can publish them anytime, all at once to one or multiple players.
Check out how to create playlists.

New features

  • Find campaigns through folders or use the search box
  • Highlight same category campaigns featured on the playlist
  • Apply playback restriction to multiple instances of the same campaign
  • Remove all campaign copies from playlist loop at once
  • Enable “Distribute by category” to sort out campaigns automatically
  • Shortcut to clone campaigns


Philips launches 10 inches Android Display

If you are looking for a tablet format, turn-key solution for your digital signage business, you’d better check out the new 10BDLl3051T. Featuring PoE and an integrated mounting bracket, it is a great solution for corporate environments and room booking management applications. Check out more specifications.

Don’t miss London Digital Signage Week 2017

One of the greatest event on Digital Signage is going to take place in London from May 8th to 12th. Take a look on 11 facts about the event and get yourself ready for the London Digital Signage Week 2017. Know more about LDSW2017.

Digital Signage Trends

Get to know the latest trends for propelling additional growth to your digital signage business! Read complete article
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OnSign TV Newsletter – DSE 2017

LG webOS - DSE 2017 Invitation
Ready for some exciting news!

OnSign TV is proud and happy to announce adding yet another great hardware option to power your signage screens!
Now OnSign TV can also be installed into 
LG webOS professional Screens!

Click here to learn more

OnSign TV at DSE Las Vegas

Are you also coming to DSE in Vegas?
Our team will be at DSE presenting OnSign TV together with Philips at booth #922. Send us a message or reply to this email so we can schedule a meeting!
See you soon!
OnSign TV Team
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OnSign TV Newsletter – March 2017

OnSign TV Newsletter - March Edition

That’s right! This month we are adding THREE new apps! Take a look at it and amaze your audience! 

  • Quiz and Trivia: Are you looking for a way of entertaining your audience without putting much effort into content creation? This is the app you need! Display questions and answers from several categories and have fun!
  • Creative RSS: With an ultra-modern look, this App will give a new life to your RSS feeds. Featuring cool animations and other effects, the App adapts nicely to any screen area and offers several other customization options.
  • New Weather Forecast: This new App now offers several themes so you can make your screens look great even on the worst rainy days!

Enjoy it!

Looking for more features?
Take a look at 
OnSign TV Tutorials!

Quiz and Trivia App

WARNING: "OnSign TV alerts that this app is not suited for offices, as your employees will get distracted more often than usual".

Joking apart, this app is super addicting! During its development and testing, we caught our team several times standing in front of the screen guessing the right answer. 
This App features hundreds of questions in 22 categories, ranging from general interest, like music, movies and arts, to more specific subjects such as geography, history, and mathematics! No matter how long your audience spends in the waiting room, the Quiz and Trivia App can make it feel much shorter. Learn how to set up your Quiz and Trivia App

RSS Creative App 

This App is a gust of freshness on your signage. It has a sophisticated layout featuring a background image with the title highlighted on an animated box. It is highly flexible adapting to any screen layout including portrait zones.
Read the complete tutorial on how to configure RSS apps and pick some great feed options from this blog article !

Weather Forecast

This new weather forecast features five different layout options! Preset the App as you are used to do with any Weather Forecast App and choose the design that best fits your screens.
Check out how to set the Weather Forecast App according to your region!


Great RSS feeds you shouldn't miss!

RSS Apps are not meant to only display news! Try augmenting your RSS feed with your favorite blogs in a simple fashion. If your target blog is powered by WordPress, like 70% of the internet, this will make your job even easier!
We have compiled a list of amazing blogs and RSS feeds categorized by different industries such as travel, finance, hospitality... Read the article here
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OnSign TV Newsletter – February 2017

OnSign TV Newsletter - February 2017

Next Monday morning, OnSign TV will be changing for the better!

Take a look now and get ready for exciting new features that are about to come:

  • Improved content organization - Now both Apps and Files are gathered in a single point called "Content". This means you can easily organize your configured Apps within folders, move them around, copy them and much more.
  • New timeline - Check out the way more powerful timeline editing page. Now layouts can be named and searched. You can create flexible duration timelines, meaning it will auto adjust to the media length you drag into it.
  • Mobile friendly OnSign TV portal - Now all portal is really mobile friendly so  you can create, edit and publish content on the go!
Looking for more?
Take a look at 
OnSign TV Tutorials!

New "Content" Menu

The "old" Files and App tabs on the top menu are going away for good, and we welcome the new "Content" menu option
Now Apps can be organized just like files and will be stored under the content menu. You can also take advantage of folders and easily duplicate configured Apps.
At start, all pre-configured Apps will be stored under the Apps folder, but feel free to move them around at your own convenience!


New App Configuration Screen

Try adding a new App and you will see the App configuration screen is also changed:
  • Now categories are on top, giving you more space to browse Apps
  • Use the new filter box to quickly find what you need. Try typing in RSS and immediately all RSS Apps will be listed.

All New Timeline

Without a doubt, this section is the one with more changes (all for good)!
New Layout Management
If you love creating several unique layouts to arrange your signage content, this new feature will come in handy! Now you can name layouts and search them.
You can also look for layouts based on orientation, resolution and number of screen divisions!
Improved and Mobile Friendly Timeline
  • Now you just need hover the mouse cursor over the screen zone icons on the left to check its resolution.
  • Click over the screen zone thumbnail to mute the audio for this track.
  • Select a timeline item to edit and you will see an arrow at each side. Use these arrows to edit previous, or next timeline item.
  • Now, besides setting campaign duration manually, you can also set the “Automatic duration”. The track will then be auto adjusted to the exact size of the contents you drag into it. 

All Medias and Apps in one place

Just like the new Content Menu, now Apps and Files are together under the folders presented below the timeline. 
  • Choose between list or icon visualization.
  • Click on the buttons on the header to create apps, composition and upload files.
  • Use the search box to look for specific items
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OnSign TV Newsletter – January 2017

OnSign TV Newsletter - January 2017

Let's start by saying this is a MUST READ newsletter for all OnSign TV Android customers, but don't get worried. We have only good news to share!

  • Forget about installing the old OnSign TV System Version. Get to know the OnSign TV Signage Platform Module (SPM), a much easier way to enable advanced features on your device.
  • Now you can use Zidoo X8 and X9s media players to benefit from OnSign TV advanced features and diminish management costs!

Searching for OnSign TV advanced features?
Take a look at OnSign TV Tutorials!

Enable Advanced Features with SPM

As we have a growing number of Android Manufacturer partners, now we have created an additional app called OnSign TV Signage Platform Module (SPM). It should be installed right after the regular OnSign TV player app. This will enable OnSign TV advanced features, greatly improving reliability and reducing maintenance costs.

Enhance Signage Managment with Advanced Features:

Do I need to replace System App?

By now you should be wondering what should you do with the many, many players you have already deployed with the old "OnSign TV System". Again, don't worry as we will still keep them up-to-date. Read more here.

Important OnSign TV SPM Notes:

  • When downloading the OnSign TV SPM make sure you select the version matching your player specific brand.
  • In case your device is not compatible, you will get an error and OnSign TV SPM will not install.
  • OnSign TV SPM functionalities are only compatible with OnSign TV Player App 6.0 and above.

What if there isn’t a SPM for my Android Player?

Calm down! You can still take advantage of OnSign TV advanced features:
1. Install SPM for Other Android Devices
If your device is not compatible with this version, the installation won’t be concluded. Then you try the next step…
2. Root your device
This way you give OnSign TV App administrator access to the hardware. We recommend asking a developer’s assistance in order to do this process.

Zidoo Partnership

One of the most common question we get at OnSign TV is:
What Android player should I buy?

While the short answer is simple (“OnSign TV is compatible with all Android 4.1+ devices”), the actual answer may get tricky as there are indeed good and bad Android media players in the market.

To help answering this question, we are proud and happy to announce the OnSign TV - Zidoo partnership. Zidoo is an outstanding and innovative Android media player manufacturer that has been offering solid player with great specs.
We have been amazed by Zidoo adoption among android users within OnSign TV the past years. As an outcome, we have been actively working to fully integrate the recently launched Zidoo X8 and X9s to the platform. Both feature HDMI-in and can be easily found at Amazon and other online stores!
Take a look at the full press-release here.
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