OnSign TV Newsletter – September 2016

OnSign TV Newsletter - September 2016

Dear friend,

As Bill Gates once said, content is king!  
This month we are adding two new tools that will definitely help you create amazing content!

  • Live TV - Now OnSign TV offers a very special new feature, the option to inject any HDMI video source and present it within your signage! 
  • Image composer - Combining text and images to create Menu Boards or any screen layout is just a few clicks away. Now you have a full drag-and-drop image composer directly integrated to OnSign TV. 
  • URL App - Leveraging web content is is a powerful yet easy way to make your signage more appealing. From stock exchange to real-time transit info, learn how to display any web page within your signage.

Enjoy the reading and discover OnSign TV new features!

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Imagine a screen, placed at a sports bar, displaying the local game match side-by-side to the daily drink offer. Could you possible think of a better way to enhance in-store experience while promoting your product? And this is just an example!  With HDMI-in App you can connect any video source to your screen through an HDMI cable. Check out the list of compatible players featuring the HDMI-in port and learn here how to setup the OnSign TV HDMI-in App.

Image Composer

This feature is still in beta, but we are so proud of it we couldn’t keep it a secret any longer! Create unique content using the Image Composer and draw your customers attention directly to your message.  Create stunning banners by leveraging text, shapes, images and cliparts.
Perform all this without ever leaving your OnSign TV account. Your composition will be saved on the Files tab and can be directly dragged into any campaign or edited anytime. Unleash your creativity and create menu boards, ads, banners, tables, graphs and more!. Click HERE and take a look at a quick demo video.


This is probably one of the easiest, yet most powerful OnSign TV Apps you can take advantage of!
Display ANY WEBPAGE at your signage screens!

Learn more about URL App.
  1. Load the page you would like to present and copy the URL Address.
  2. Create the URL App and paste the target page address.
  3. Add the just created URL App into your campaigns and publish!

Take a look at some URL App use cases

If you want to take it a step further, enable "Touch Interaction" so users can navigate within the presented web content.

OnSign TV Blog

Live Television and Digital Signage 

Ever since the first screen was hung on a wall, there was the desire not merely to advertise, but also entertain. And how to do it better than displaying live TV? Aware of the not so-easy-nor-cheap solutions on the market, our team started working on our own solution, which was tested extensively in multiple devices. You can check our verdict in this post. read more
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OnSign TV Newsletter – August 2016

OnSign TV Newsletter - August 2016

Dear frien,

Windows and Mac users have plenty to celebrate!

Many OnSign TV key features once only available to Android have now been added to the New Windows and Mac Player Version - download it here

We have more goodies to everyone:

  • We hope you enjoy the new and  improved  file browser;
  • We have just added an entirely new Facebook App now offering transitions and a layout that should fit any screen format;
  • Trigger "on demand campaigns" using QR-code

Enjoy the reading and discover OnSign TV new features!

Looking for more features?
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New Windows and Mac Player

Check out the new features below and understand why the new OnSign TV Windows and Mac Player deserved jumping to "Version 4".

Campaign cycling

Unleash the power of Playlists using a feature called  Campaign Cycling!
Campaign cycling enables to set how many campaigns will be displayed each time the playlist is selected for playback in the player loop. It is a wonderful way to create play loops so they don't get too repetitive.
Learn how to diversify your content!

Campaign On-Demand

Using a trigger to display campaigns in real time is as easy as publishing a regular campaign! All you need is to publish your campaign as "On Demand" and you will get a play icon on the player page that can trigger it. This can be used for sales or even emergency announcements.
Learn how to use On Demand Campaigns!

Scheduling campaign to be played at a Specific Time

In many screens we may want to present a specific content at a specific time. Let's say you want to say something like "It's noon Sharp. Time for lunch!". Well, you can easily do it with OnSign TV!
Learn how to schedule campaigns to be played at a specific time!

Windows scheduled shutdown

This is actually a Windows exclusive feature! Set the player working hours and the device will shutdown automatically as the day comes to an end. This is super handy as most TVs will also shut down as they have the energy saving mode. Don't forget you will need to turn it back on the next day!
Learn more about setting player working hours!


Enhanced file browser

Did you notice something different in the file page? The buttons and commands might be the same, but the design is different! Beside the new look, the file browser is much faster now!

Animated Facebook App

We have just added a new Facebook App, so you can enjoy a  brand new layout and several features:
  • Animated transition
  • Portrait, Landscape and footer format
  • Lower bar with FB logo and page address
  • Customizable background color
  • Post timestamp can be displayed underneath profile image
  • Show how many “likes” you got

Presenting on demand campaigns with QR-code

This is a simple and effective way to have your audience interacting with your products and content!
  1. Publish your on demand campaign.
  2. Add the QR code containing the link to your on demand campaign.
  3. Let users scan it and this will trigger your on demand campaign! It will also immediately redirect your customer's phone browser to the URL of your choice.
* You can also print a QR-code using the on-demand campaign URL . Attach it next to a product and each time somebody scans a campaign will be triggered on the screen.

OnSign TV Blog

Digital Signage Healthcare Infographic

Learn how to benefit from digital signage in the healthcare environment by reading this article, or if you are in a rush get the gist of it taking a look at this new infographic .
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OnSign TV Newsletter – July 2016

OnSign TV Newsletter - July 2016

Organize your signage campaigns!


Dear friend,

We heard your requests and we are happy to announce several new campaign management tools!

  • Now you can organize your campaigns within folders and tags. In fact, tagging is so powerful that we have enabled what we called "tags everywhere".
  • New reporting improved, more powerful and fully revamped Reporting!

We know social media is a key source of content to your screens. Now, beside Facebook and Instagram, you can also get your Twitter into your screens!

Enjoy the reading and discover OnSign TV new features!

Looking for more features?
Don't forget to take a look at OnSign TV Tutorials!



Once, all of your campaigns were grouped in a single page - but not anymore! Now you can create folders and move campaigns around as you wish. Besides making campaign finding easier, you can opt to delete all campaigns within the folder in one click! Organize your campaigns!


Tagging is a feature that has already been there for a while, but now we have boost its usage to the next level! Have fun tagging playlists, players and player groups! We have also empowered the search so you can quickly find campaigns using tags or publish multiple campaigns to players by tag filtering.


From now on, reports will have a dedicated section! Click on your username on the top-right corner and then on “Reports”.
The new reporting section offers additional filtering and data aggregation options while providing precise proof of play to your clients!
Select the campaigns and players, choose the period you want to cover and export the report as PDF, HTML or using Excel format. All files will be stored into the Reports section for 14 days for download. Monitor campaign playback!


OnSign TV Blog

Convenience Stores

How to leverage signage to boost sales and customer experience 
You might be wondering what is the value of signage displays on such small limited articles offer establishments. In fact, this is the perfect usage for your screen! Grab in few seconds the attention from rushed clients, who are there just because they need - either for buying gas or a single product. Besides, make the most out of the client’s experience - it doesn’t matter how brief it may be - and guarantee they will be delighted to come back! Check out other advantages!
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Check out what happened at InfoComm 2016!

OnSign TV Newsletter - June 2016

This is what you missed... 


Dear friend,

From June 4th to 10th, OnSign TV team has attended InfoComm - the largest audiovisual event in US. We would like to thank all participants that came by and, if you have not been around, here is a good chance to catch up.

Philips partnership

OnSign TV has partnered with Philips so now you can get the OnSign TV player to run natively on the Philips D-line Android displays. OnSign TV CEO and Phillips Marketing Manager explain the benefits of this integration:  
InfoComm 2016 - OnSign TV & Philips D-line - Digital Signage Solution

Not convinced yet? Take a look at OnSign TV in action and learn in less than three minutes how simple and effective your digital signage operation can be.

Dave Hynes, founder of Sixteen-nine.net and a heavy weight opinion maker for the Digital Signage Industry, covered the show and made his opinion clear about OnSign TV!  

"I also had a good, long chat with the top guys from OnSign TV, a Hong Kong/Brazil software company that was showing its capabilities on the Philips panels. I knew zip about the company or platform, but wrapped up the meeting impressed with the depth, particularly in the boring but essential stuff like the device management."

David Haynes, founder of Sixteen-nine.net

InfoComm Review

For those who could not make it to Vegas, we have prepared a 5 min InfoComm 2016 review video so you can get firsthand what the major manufacturers like Samsung, Philips, LG and Sony have presented at the show!
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OnSign TV Newsletter – May 2016

OnSign TV Newsletter - May 2016

Try now OnSign TV for Samsung!


Dear friend,

OnSign TV values your freedom of choice! Now, beyond Android and Windows, you will be able to run OnSign TV directly on Samsung Smart Signage!
Our finance app section has been upgraded! Featuring 170 currencies, we believe no one will be left aside!
Take a look at our  latest blog articles showing how hospitality and financial institutions are leveraging digital signage to enhance customer experience.
Next week the OnSign TV team will be at  InfoComm - Las Vegas! Please come by and visit us at Philips booth c6814!

Enjoy the reading!

Samsung beta software

Samsung is a leader brand for digital signage solution and top manufacturer- all reasons to be among your devices! That’s why OnSign TV has partnered up with Samsung to give another great option to display your campaigns. All OnSign TV features already available for Android and Windows are now also compatible with Samsung SSP. Interested? Join the beta program!
Join OnSign TV Samsung Beta!


Finance app

There is no doubt about Finance Apps’ popularity. It doesn’t matter whether you manage a hospitality, retail or financial establishment in South Africa, Thailand or Costa Rica. Now, all this places can display exchange rate in their own currency! Besides South African rand, Thai Baht and Costa Rican Colón, there are more than 100 new currencies. Check out finance apps tutorial!

How to build a video wall 

Did you ever wonder how to create those beautiful four, nine, twelve or even larger video walls? Well, certainly it is easier than you imagine!

OnSign TV Blog


Digital Signage’s Benefits for Financial Establishments

Financial establishments deal with many data on a daily basis. Digital signage can be a reliable way of reporting information to clients without the need of giving staff extra tasks. Also, it shortens the queues perceived waiting time, as clients may turn up to date with new data, promoted services and memos instead of just sitting! Aren’t you convinced of digital signage benefits to this segment yet? Read full article!

Digital Signage’s Impact on the Hospitality Industry

Restaurants, hotels, theme parks and cruise lines can take the most out of digital signage! The segment benefits from features such as way finding, self-service kiosks, weather information and so on. They can even profit from third party advertising for in-house facilities, such as bar and restaurants. Especially in hotels and cruises, clients may find useful to know what is there to do around! Take an in-depth view how to leverate digital signage in the Hospitality Industry.
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