On March 11th an OnSign TV Platform update is scheduled for implementing additional user management and permission options. The changes will provide more granular and better control for configuring permissions to non-admin users.

The migration to the new permission system will be automatic and there will be no platform downtime, so no action will be required on your side. The platform will automatically match your account's existing permissions.

Improved Player Permissions

Up to now, player permissions were cumulative and displayed as a sliding bar.

This model is great but limited. As an example, it is not possible to give a user “Inspect  Permission", without also giving "Publishing" rights.

The new Player permission options will provide better control to what action each user can perform on a player or player group.

New Player Permissions will look like this:

As player permission options will be individually configured, it is important to understand the behavior of each permission:

  • Publish – Will enable a user only to publish and unpublish content to a player or player group.

  • Inspect – Will enable the user to view player/player group status, view events, list campaigns published, list player groups the current player belongs. This is read-only permission, so it is quite useful for users responsible for monitoring the network.

  • Settings – Will allow the user to access the player or player group settings menu.

  • Remove – Will enable the user to delete a player or player group.

In addition to the more granular control, it will also be possible to perform bulk permission changes.

Improved Player Permissions

Also, on this update, a new user permission will be available for allowing non-admin users to create reports. The new feature will show as follows on user creation

Once this permission is checked, the user will be able to create reports for all players that he has inspect permissions.