Atualização em: Windows Campaign Cycling

Windows App 4.01

  • Improved the reuse of Apps between campaigns in case the same app is used on previous and next campaign within same screen region/layout.
  • Fixed z-order issue that was getting wrong on very specific cases.
  • Improved player network re-connection, optimizing situations when a file download is interrupted.

Windows App 4.0

This major upgrade to the Windows Player, so we have marked it with a new round number "4.0". This release makes the windows player to catch-up with several important features that were only available to Android players.

Take a look at the new added features:

  • Support to “On Demand campaigns” – This campaigns are only played back once a special URL is accessed. To learn more take a look at this tutorial.
  • Triggered campaigns – This are campaigns published and scheduled to playback at a specific time.
  • Support groups that contain campaign cycling
  • Support for setting “Welcome Campaigns”
  • Scheduled shutdown – At player settings you can schedule your player to shutdown at a specific time.
Atualização em: Samsung SSSP

SSSP v 0.4

New features:

  • Added live view support
  • Display banner when USB devices are plugged in/out
  • Added video/timeline mute support for SSSP3 devices



  • Display progress with two decimal places on status screen
  • Improved reliability of external storage support
  • Fixed external storage support for DM-D/DH-D models
  • Fixed campaign playback continuity upon reboot
  • Fixed invalid storage status not being displayed upon reboot
  • Added a watchdog to cancel pending downloads if stale for too long
  • Fixed devices being detached after change the wifi network
  • Fixed iframe caused memory leak with app-only campaigns
  • Fixed working hours behavior on SSSP3 devices
  • Fixed wrong external storage size/usage report
  • Fixed landscape status screen resolution
  • Fixed capability report on auth screen
  • Fixed full storage detection issue
  • Added report progress at 1% steps for large files (20MB+)
  • Added reporting for region's triggered playback errors to the server
  • Added support for non-scaled (HD) live view
  • Fixed campaign not being updated if necessary when it was the only campaign being played
  • Enabled volume keys to set volume (silent, no OSD)
Atualização em: android OnSign TV Player

Android 5.1.6

  • Added support for brightness control using hardware mode in rooted devices
  • Removed toast "SKM connection error" for devices that don't require samsung kiosk manager
  • Now campaigns status is persistent across application restarts and rss updates
  • Fix bug on time triggers as some triggers were failing to be executed
  • Added support for HDMI input for Zidoo X9
  • Added support to Tronsmart Pavo M9 (Pavo_M9_v1.0.3.09_ota_20160401)
Atualização em: web

Add tags to Campaigns, Playlists, Players or Player Groups

You can now add tags to Campaigns, Playlists, Players or Player Groups. You can also find your campaigns or players by searching for those tags.

Campaigns and Playlists are still limited to one category, but they can have as many tags as you want.




Go ahead and tag away!