SSSP, webOS, ChromeOS v0.10.3


  • Apps occasionally not being properly loaded during first campaign playback
  • Multi-rule time restrictions only checks the last rule
  • Fix campaign clean-up being cancelled by another campaign stop()


Known issues

  • Chrome OS External storage is not supported
  • Chrome OS Remote view is not supported
  • SSSP Portrait HDMI IN playback only works after playing at least one video
  • SSSP Video is always rendered below the HTML layer, which means the video will not be -displayed if a fullscreen image is added to any of the timelines.
  • webOS HDMI IN is not supported in Portrait mode
  • webOS Remote view is supported in Portrait mode, however, videos are not rotated properly when taking the screenshots, meaning they'll appear rotated.

Android 8.2.1

  • New watchdog service monitor
  • Added ethernet reset for Philips D-line screens

Android 8.1.8

  • Fix on-demand campaign parameter handling
  • Fix missing downloads

Android 8.1.7

  • Network stability improvements
  • Fixed on demand playlist playback

Android 8.1.6

  • Video playback improvements
  • Start on boot fixes (ensure start on boot in case the device gets corrupted filesystem)
  • Assorted fixes