Update to: android APK

Android 5.2.0

  • Added touch feedback animation (can be enabled, or disabled)
  • Improved "Specific playback time behavior" - If two campaigns are set to playback at a specific time both campaigns are played. e.g. Campaign A and Campaign B are both scheduled to Play at 2PM. With the improvement, both campaigns are played back.
  • Improved campaign login - No login as success playback campaign that are interrupted by an "OnDemand Campaign", or "Specific playback time Campaign"
Update to: Windows Campaign Cycling

Windows App 4.01

  • Improved the reuse of Apps between campaigns in case the same app is used on previous and next campaign within same screen region/layout.
  • Fixed z-order issue that was getting wrong on very specific cases.
  • Improved player network re-connection, optimizing situations when a file download is interrupted.

Windows App 4.0

This major upgrade to the Windows Player, so we have marked it with a new round number "4.0". This release makes the windows player to catch-up with several important features that were only available to Android players.

Take a look at the new added features:

  • Support to “On Demand campaigns” – This campaigns are only played back once a special URL is accessed. To learn more take a look at this tutorial.
  • Triggered campaigns – This are campaigns published and scheduled to playback at a specific time.
  • Support groups that contain campaign cycling
  • Support for setting “Welcome Campaigns”
  • Scheduled shutdown – At player settings you can schedule your player to shutdown at a specific time.
Update to: Samsung SSSP

SSSP v 0.4

New features:

  • Added live view support
  • Display banner when USB devices are plugged in/out
  • Added video/timeline mute support for SSSP3 devices



  • Display progress with two decimal places on status screen
  • Improved reliability of external storage support
  • Fixed external storage support for DM-D/DH-D models
  • Fixed campaign playback continuity upon reboot
  • Fixed invalid storage status not being displayed upon reboot
  • Added a watchdog to cancel pending downloads if stale for too long
  • Fixed devices being detached after change the wifi network
  • Fixed iframe caused memory leak with app-only campaigns
  • Fixed working hours behavior on SSSP3 devices
  • Fixed wrong external storage size/usage report
  • Fixed landscape status screen resolution
  • Fixed capability report on auth screen
  • Fixed full storage detection issue
  • Added report progress at 1% steps for large files (20MB+)
  • Added reporting for region's triggered playback errors to the server
  • Added support for non-scaled (HD) live view
  • Fixed campaign not being updated if necessary when it was the only campaign being played
  • Enabled volume keys to set volume (silent, no OSD)
Update to: android OnSign TV Player

Android 5.1.6

  • Added support for brightness control using hardware mode in rooted devices
  • Removed toast "SKM connection error" for devices that don't require samsung kiosk manager
  • Now campaigns status is persistent across application restarts and rss updates
  • Fix bug on time triggers as some triggers were failing to be executed
  • Added support for HDMI input for Zidoo X9
  • Added support to Tronsmart Pavo M9 (Pavo_M9_v1.0.3.09_ota_20160401)