Update to: android

Android v 5.1.0

Release Notes for Onsign TV Player 5.1.0:

  • Support to hardware Brightness Control on android devices.
  • Support to software Britghness Control on android devices.
  • Include the option to videos and audio do not restart if next item on timeline is itself. (This feature still needs a server side support)
  • Support to External Storage Path on Minix devices.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix internal server error on "Failure Reports".
  • Fix "Block campaign with errors" feature that wasn't working after 5.0.0
  • Fix Geolocation restrictions issues
  • Fix Html updates, on older versions the user needs to republish the campaign to see any update.
  • Fix android app launcher was restarting the the campaign looping from beginning when used as Time triggered campaign.
  • Fix Onsign TV start on boot feature on devices Lollipop.
  • Fix Geo triggered campaigns were not logging on event report.
  • Fix App launcher campaigns were not logging  on event report.
  • Fix Time triggered campaigns were not logging on event report.
  • Fix Video playback was doubling the video start up
Update to: Windows

Windows App 3.2.1

Bug fix:

  • Solved issue where previous --geometry parameters where not saved after upgrading to this version.
Update to: Windows

Windows App 3.2.0

  • Improved full screen option targeting video wall operation
  • Mouse hide feature enabled for multi-screen operation
Update to: android

Android v 5.0.2

  • Fixed bug that would show "No campaign could be played at this time." when the user removes all campaigns from player.
  • Improved camera integration, creating a fallback in case the camera access fails.
  • Fixed animation "Frame-by-frame animation App"
  • Fixed time trigger feature for longer campaigns
Update to: web

Campaign Restrictions and Campaign Pause

It is now possible to add restrictions to a campaign no matter where it is published. Those campaign-specific restrictions will always be checked before any player-specific restrictions.

Through this feature it is now easier to stop a campaign from playing after a certain date without having to go player by player and change the restrictions there.

Another great feature is campaign pausing: very useful when you need to tweak a campaign that is already published. When a campaign is paused it is not played by any players, but it is still published, so once the campaign is resumed the player won't have to re-download all media and you won't have to set all restrictions again.

You can access both features clicking on the PUBLISH option underneath a campaign:

Campaign Publishing Settings

Once you hit the Campaign Publish page you can check out our new features:

Campaign Restrictions and Pausing