Update to: android

Android 5.1.5

  • Improve reliability of playback for on demand campaigns
  • Improve downloads speed of large files on poor connections
  • Fix an issue were a "please wait" message could be displayed at midnight
Update to: Windows

Windows App 3.3.1

  • Fixed issue that could prevent specific campaigns from playing after player upgrade
Update to: Windows

Windows App 3.3.0

  • Remote view support is now available to windows too( view only, meaning you cannot remote control the device)
  • When in full screen mode, OnSign TV will keep tracking other applications and will ensure it stays always on top(exception to this are system level warnings as they have higher level priority).
  • Support special characters within OnSign TV installation path
Update to: android

Android V 5.1.4

  • Added option to allow user interaction with Webview (URL) inside an interactive campaign.
  • Fixed: Issue that would prevent interactive campaign to return to another interactive campaign.
  • Fixed: Webview scrolling issue while using webviews and interactivity.
  • Improved player error reporting.
Update to: android

Android v 5.1.0

Release Notes for Onsign TV Player 5.1.0:

  • Support to hardware Brightness Control on android devices.
  • Support to software Britghness Control on android devices.
  • Include the option to videos and audio do not restart if next item on timeline is itself. (This feature still needs a server side support)
  • Support to External Storage Path on Minix devices.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix internal server error on "Failure Reports".
  • Fix "Block campaign with errors" feature that wasn't working after 5.0.0
  • Fix Geolocation restrictions issues
  • Fix Html updates, on older versions the user needs to republish the campaign to see any update.
  • Fix android app launcher was restarting the the campaign looping from beginning when used as Time triggered campaign.
  • Fix Onsign TV start on boot feature on devices Lollipop.
  • Fix Geo triggered campaigns were not logging on event report.
  • Fix App launcher campaigns were not logging  on event report.
  • Fix Time triggered campaigns were not logging on event report.
  • Fix Video playback was doubling the video start up